Sunday Club

Now meets in Killellen Halls.

Starts 23rd Aug 1050am.

Superintendent    Fiona Rodgers  612108   email      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kid's Corner

We had a very successful Beetle Drive in the Killellan Hall and raised £262 for the extension fund and a storage unit for Sunday Club to use in the Killellan Hall. A great night was had by all who attended and the winner was Kirsty Boyd. We had our promotion service the following day with 30 children being presented with either a book or a Bible and the older children also assisted with the service. Sunday Club starts back on Sunday 23rd August at 10.50 in the upper Killellan Hall. We are looking forward to our new session in the Killellan Hall when we will be part of the service every week.



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As always we’re on the look out for more members, if you’re aged between 3 years old and Primary 7 in school, feel free to join us in the Killellan halls at the church on Sunday mornings from 10.50 – 12.00

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