Best 3 Most Anticipated Animation Movies 2018


For you who love to watch movies online, you must have been waiting for some movies that you can enjoy with the whole of the family. What about watching animation movie? In 2018, some animation movies are ready to hit the cinema with their sequel. Animation movie lovers should not miss the chance to watch the following movies.

Watch Animation Movies Online

Watching movies in cinema is fun but it won’t be the same case if you bring the whole of your family. Not only it will cost a lot, you may not able to control your super active children around the theater. The most effective solution is by watching the movies at home using your home theater appliances. You can find your favorite animation movie on the internet.

2018 Top Animation Movie List

This following midyear, audiences are provided with some popular animation movie sequels. Among them are The Incredibles 2, Hotel Transylvania 3, and the Sequel of Wreck-it Ralph, Ralph Breaks the Internet.

  • The Incredibles 2

Do you still remember the last time you watch the movie of a bunch of superhero family? It has been about 14 years since The Incredibles first release. This year you will meet the new version of this superhero family. The Incredibles 2 will hit the cinema in June 2018. As soon as its release, you can enjoy this movie and watch movies online.

  • Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

The next Halloween will not be complete without the presence of Hotel Transylvania 3. The story about silly vampire family and the other zombies is the best movie to watch with your children.

  • Ralph Breaks the Internet

Disney will release its non-princess movie around November this year. You will enjoy the adventure of Ralph and Vanellope on the online game platform. You can enjoy that movie and watch movies online as soon as they hit the cinema.

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