Live Healthy By Doing High-Intensity Interval Training


Burning fat easily is the dream of many people who want to lose some pounds of their weight. One of the most effective ways to burn fat is by doing High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). It helps you sweat a lot and burn fat in all parts of the body.

Get To Know HIIT

HIIT is a combination of low to medium cardio workouts and intense activities such as sprinting and jumping. It is great to recharge stamina and burn calories also fat quickly. Each movement is done in a certain period of time. Then, it will be followed by recovery time. It aims to let your body to recover from rapid heartbeats.

The Best HIIT Workout For Beginner

As it will need a lot of stamina, it will be better to choose the right exercise, especially for beginners. Here are the orders of doing HIIT for a beginner. Every move will be done in 20 seconds with 10 seconds for recovery after each movement.

  • Stretching

First and most important, you should perform stretching. Do all stretch start from head to feet? It can prevent you from have cramps. Once you finish the whole exercise do it again for cooling down.

  • Squats

The first move will be squats. Stand on your feet and open it as wide as your shoulder. Start to bend your knees and rise while squeezing your butt.

  • Butt Kicks

After 10 seconds of recovery, start to run at one spot with your heels kicking your butt. Make sure to manage your breath.

  • Side Lunges

Move your body and don’t stay idle on recovery time. Then, start to do side lunges. Bend your right knee and let the other leg straight. Do the same for the left side. You can continue the movement by doing a jumping jack, jumping while clapping hands in the air and sit-ups.

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