Traveling To Pulo Cinta


Traveling to Indonesia can be your game changer in traveling world. As we know that Indonesia has a lot of beautiful places that worth to visit. On this post, we will recommend you a beautiful place that you need to visit before you die. This place is Pulo Cinta or Love Island. This island is claimed as Indonesian version of Maldives. This tropical resort is located in Gorontalo.

Particularly located in Gulf of Tomini, the name Pulo Cinta is based on the shape of this island which is like a heart if you view it from the sky. How to get there? If your starting point is from Jakarta, then you will have a trip by plane to Jalaluddin Airport which is Gorontalo international airport in Sulawesi. You will fly for around 3 hours.

Traveling To Indonesia’s Best Island, Pulo Cinta

Traveling to Indonesia, Gorontalo can be done with many flights. There are over 30 flights to Gorontalo every day. so you don’t have to worry about the flight. Once you arrived in Gorontalo, you will go to Boalemo Regency for around two-hour by car. You will pass many small towns and villages of Gorontalo so you can enjoy the beautiful scenery there and breathe the fresh air. You will go to the harbor in the regency to go to Pulo Cinta.

The boat trip is around 30 minutes. You will sleep in the resort. It is like the Maldives which the villas are all built above the water. The villas surround the island and make a heart shape. Pulo Cinta has 3 types of villas that you can choose. The facilities are great such like spacious are, fresh water, LED TV, free Wi-Fi, and more. Pulo Cinta is the perfect choice for a honeymoon. But you can also spend your days by traveling to Indonesia and enjoy the perfect view in Pulo Cinta with your friends or family.

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Top Three Gigabyte Z370 Motherboard


When Intel Coffee Lake becomes your main choice, then z370 good gaming motherboard is your only option. To cover the needs of passionate game players, Gigabyte offers AORUS series. They bring more solid and awesome performance. They claim that their series will absolutely give better gaming experience.

Gigabyte Offering 3 Best Options

The AORUS series come with premium design and it could be one of the best in its class. It has become one of the most popular gaming hardware across the globe. The exclusive components assure users with excellent performance. Moreover, in terms of price, Gigabyte is quite competitive in its category.

  • Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Gaming 7

If you do not have any problem with a budget, then your first option should be the Gaming 7. It comes with amazingly high-end perfect features. They claim that Gaming 7 is one of the fastest and most stable mobo. It comes with thermal heatsink so it has a more solid thermal guard. More features such as graphics support with dual armor, impressive sound quality, and many others complete its performance.

  • Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Gaming 5

Another good gaming motherboard from Gigabyte AORUS is the Gaming 5. It has slightly more affordable price than the previous series yet work as excellent as the Gaming 7. What makes this series as one of the top three mainboards is because of the ability to perform overclocking. The presence of 3x slot M.2 supports SSD NVMe and allows better and faster storage compare to common SSD.

  • Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Ultra Gaming

Lastly, the third rank of Gigabyte good gaming motherboard will be the Ultra Gaming. It can support not only gaming but also other purposes. Among the top three AORUS series, it has the most affordable price. In term of quality and performance, there is not much difference. The extensive connectivity features give it additional quality.

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Health Benefits Of Foods For Your Body


Human needs foods. Why? Of course, it is the primary needs. You will die without eating anything in your life. It is clear and cannot be denied. However, there are the health benefits of foods for you as well. So, it is not only the needs of your body that avoid the death. There are more of that. Here, I will tell you the benefits of foods.

The Best Benefits Of Foods And Beverages For Your Body

What are your favorite foods? You need to know if your favorite foods are the right and healthy foods or not. Sometimes anything that is tasty not always good for your body and health. You need to know it is very common that the sugar is very tasty but not so healthy if you eat it too much.

Many sweets, cakes, and other sweet foods trigger obesity. It also triggers diabetes. One of the dangerous disease. If you care about your body and health; you should choose the right and good foods. So, here are the health benefits of foods you should know:

  1. The good foods will give you the energy to do activities. Sugar may give you energy but too much sugar also not good for you.
  2. You will get the right nutrition, vitamin, and fiber from the vegetables and fruit. Even from the other foods as long as it is healthy.
  3. You will get the healthy digestive system and got off from dangerous diseases.
  4. Your brain will be improved and you will be a better person.

Many foods are good for your brain. It will give you the best benefits for your brain and the whole of your life. You may find out here: the health benefits of foods. You will get many useful information and tips about foods, home remedies and so on. That is all.

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Affordable Gaming Laptop With Best Performance


For gamers, a gaming laptop is one of the best thing ever in the world. It is something that needs struggle since gaming laptop is usually expensive. However, you still can find the one that is on your limiter budget; you can find the best gaming laptop for under 700 dollars. Yes, if your budget is limited to about $700, you still can find many great gaming laptops that you can try. Those laptops still also have good works and performances.

Tips To Choose Affordable Gaming Laptop

Not only need to consider the price, to find the best gaming laptop for under 700 dollars requires you to consider more things. Yes, it is something related to the specifications of the laptop that you want to buy. You have to know that your laptop should have strong specification if you want to use it as a gaming laptop.

First, you have to make sure that the laptop is having huge RAM. RAM is something important for the performance of the laptop. It can affect the acceleration of the laptop and the number of games that you can install on your laptop. As installing your games will need huge RAM memory to make the laptop stable, you have to choose a laptop with the huge RAM to use.

Then, you also have to consider the best graphics performance of the laptop. Do not forget to read the specifications of the laptop in the graphic column. It would be great if you find out that the laptop is having the support of Full HD resolution and something more. With the support of great graphics, you will be more comfortable while playing games.

To be closer with your criteria of the best gaming laptop with affordable price, you can take a look for the review of Dell Inspiron 13 5000, Asus FX504, Acer Aspire E15, HP Pavilion T8TJG and many more. Those names are only several names of the best laptops for gaming that you can consider. Make sure to find more names of the best gaming laptop for under 700 dollars.

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You Can’t Grow Up Without These Teen Movies!


We know that being a teenager is hard and suffering. That’s why every year there will always be many amazing coming of age or teen movie. If you have Mobdro apk on your Android device, you can watch many popular teen movies that will help you grow up and get through this puberty phase in your life.

Best Teen Movies on Mobdro Apk

Teen movies are interesting and relatable to us. So, that’s why we will give you a list of our favorite teen movies that you need to watch.

  1. Mean Girls (2004)

If you belong to X generation which is this generation, you need to watch this old movie. Mean Girls will always be relatable to every generation. Even though this movie was released in 2014 and when Lindsay Lohan still at the top of her career. This classic movie has so many famous dialogues and Regina George will always be our spirit animal when it comes to mean girls. We can say that every school will always have its mean girls.

  1. The Breakfast Club (1985)

Another classic movie that claimed as the best teen movie among critics can be watched on Mobdro apk. If you pay attention to the movie, the characters in this movie are in detention and those people are from different background. You will know how this movie explores many issues of life, love, philosophy, family, and more things that are relatable to us.

  1. “13 GOING ON 30” (2004)

This movie about a 13-year-old unpopular girl who has a dream to escape her teenage years quickly. One day, she wakes up in her 30-yerar-old version and the best thing about that is she now become an editor. This movie represents many teenagers who want to become adult but they don’t realize that being an adult is as hard as being a teenager.

Enjoy these movies only on Mobdro apk.

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Mobdro Application for Various Devices


Have you ever heard about Mobdro? For you who like to stream anytime and anywhere, this application is highly recommended to install on your device. If you are tired of paying more for videos that you want to watch, so this application is your savior. You do not need to give more charge on all your favorite videos. It lets you stream various movies, TV programs, and channels freely. Just install the application on any kind of your devices that you used, then you will get the videos that you want without any charge.

What Are the Compatible Devices for Mobdro?

The good news from Mobdro is there are already various devices which are compatible with this application. You can download it for Android, smart TV, and even your tablets. If you are comfortable to watch your favorite videos at home, so you can install it on your smart TV. Meanwhile, you can easily watch various videos everywhere from your smartphone. If there is no smart TV, so you can install the application on your PC. Basically, here are simple steps to get the application:

  • Visit the Sites

The first step to do is finding the apk through the official website. You can check on the browser, then find the site easily. Make sure that you get through the official one.

  • Find the Compatible apk

There is a lot of apk that can be downloaded. Make sure that you choose based on the device that you use.

  • Install the Application

Click the download button, then wait for several minutes. If the icon of application is shown, so it means that the application has been installed well.

Make sure that you download the apk directly from Then, in several minutes you can stream any kind of your favorite videos and channels.

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Get Your Favorite Music And Keep It Forever


How to get favorite music and keep it forever? Of course, you should download free music download. The favorite music will be there for you like forever. You may keep it in your gadget or computer and listen to it anytime and anywhere you want. So, do you need the song now? You should visit the right website page first.

How To Get Your Favorite Music And Keep It In Your Gadget Forever?

Listen to music bring happiness for many people. While they are doing the daily activities; the music will be there to boost the mood to be better. If you are that kind of person; you should know there is one way to keep your favorite music forever.

Well, you should download it. Then, you will be able to keep your gadget or your computer forever as long as you do not delete it. However, how to get them easier? Download free music download easily with the steps as the following:

  1. First, you should visit the website page. I will tell you the link in the last paragraph.
  2. Then, you will see the page with a blank searching box on the top of it.
  3. Type your favorite music by the title or the artist afterward. You will see the list below the box and choose one.
  4. Choose one by clicking download or play it first to make sure it is the song you mean.
  5. You should choose the quality based on yellow color. Last, you must click download.

So, it is very easy to get the favorite song. You have downloaded your favorite song now. Well, here is the link to the website page: download free music download. You also may download the whole album of your favorite singer there. Thus, that is all and I wish you will get all your favorite music and songs there.

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How to Download Online Games?


60 seconds download is a place to play an online game. The difference is this site with other gaming sites are games that are widely available in it. Even the games provided have many genres. There are many genres provided in the site is deliberately available so many players who do not quickly get bored playing the game in it.

This site is often visited by many people, both from the age of children to adulthood. The game is in it already proves that it can attract a lot of people’s attention. However, playing online games sometimes makes many of our quotas quickly run out.

Though the game was exclaimed-played fun, but the quota that we have just been exhausted. Then what should we do? No need to worry, because now you can play online games but accessed offline. Then how to do? What are the requirements needed to be able to play this online game but played offline?

Download Online Game So Offline

If you are curious to play online games but can be played offline by selecting some 60 seconds download service provider. Here you will get many of the best services. Especially if you will download a number of online games that can be played offline. By playing offline, it will certainly save your internet quota a lot.

How to Download Online Games Easily

Well, for some ways to download games in 60 seconds the download way is:

  1. Open an online gaming site.

Choose a site that provides trial service 60 free seconds to be used to play at once used to download the game.

  1. Choosing a game.

Then, you just choose what games will be played, whether the genre of adventure, strategy, and so forth.

  1. Install the application.

The last of course you just install the 60 seconds download app that you’ve downloaded before and online games were already can be played offline. You can play the game either through PC, smartphone, and others.

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Is Egg Good For Health?


Some of you might ever hear about egg diet. You need to eat some eggs to let your body in good shape. However, some facts also found that too much egg intake is not good for health. So, which is the true one? Actually, the egg has more protein which is good for your health. Moreover, there are an also so many benefits that can be taken from consuming enough eggs.

The Benefits Of Consuming Eggs

If you really love to eat eggs, so lucky you. There are a lot of benefits that you take from consuming eggs, like:

  • Fulfill Your Vitamins Intake

Although egg is not the type of fruit or vegetable, it still rich in the vitamin. In an egg, there are vitamin B2, vitamin A, vitamin B12, and vitamin E. All of this kind of vitamins have good benefits for your health like for energy and reducing dangerous damage.


  • Help to Lose Your Weight

There is a new trend about egg diet. In fact, the egg will help to limit your calorie intake every day. That is why it is good for your diet. By consuming egg, you will get 400 calories and still enough for your calories intake. It means that you will lose around three pounds for a month.


  • Prevent Cancer

In certain research, it found that eggs can prevent breast cancer in the adult. Moreover, the egg yolks are effective to reduce the breast cancer more than 24%. If you can take only two eggs in a day for the breakfast menu, so you will be prevented from the chance of breast cancer.

Besides these three benefits of consuming eggs, there are other more benefits from this kind of food. However, you have to make sure that don’t let yourself get excessive eggs intake. Any kind of excessive thing is not good.

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Terrifying Mission Of Hello Neighbor Game


Dynamic Pixels worked together with an indie publisher tinyBuild to produce an adventure game. They are coming with a chilling stealth game named Hello Neighbor. The hello neighbor alpha 1 free download is the following creation after Punch Club and Clustertruck. The game is promoted to be attractive and fun. The story looks similar to Rear Window movie with some adapted plot.

Get To Know About Your Character In The Game

In the game, you will play the certain character as a common citizen in a creepy neighborhood. It happens that you have a suspicious neighbor who lives just in the next door. He behaves very weird and seems to be very mysterious. You will suspect that your neighbor is hiding something inside the house.

Hello neighbor alpha 1 free download raise your suspicion and curiosity. It leads you to look further into the house. The problem raises here as the neighbor would likely stay at home all the time. He never once leaves the house. Therefore, you must find a way to sneak into his house and reveal the mystery without being discovered.

The Character Of Your Opponent

Your rival, the neighbor, will not let anyone including you to step on his yard and even come close the house.  If he finds you sneaking into the house, you will be hunted relentlessly. The character of the neighbor is somehow unique and clever.

The developer has designed an advanced AI that will identify and learn quickly your behavior and habit. Such technology allows the character of neighbor to counter-attack you easily. When you are trying to go through the front door too many times, he will install a camera to monitor you. Even if you find a way to escape after you are discovered, he can predict your escape routes and block the way. Hello neighbor alpha 1 free download is more terrifying than you expect.

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