Calories In A Banana


Banana is one of the fruits which has many fans. Beside this fruit is good for health, it is also delicious. Banana contains a great number nutrition which is good for your health. Therefore, athletes and people on diet love to consume banana because it has balanced calories. A balanced calorie is very good because it helps your performance in a daily activity. For numerous information about how good is a banana, we can find it on bananavitamins.

Calories We Can Find In A Banana

In many parts of the world, we can find there are many kinds of banana. Actually, they have different contents of calories in it, but experts agreed that how many calories we can find in a banana depends on the size of the banana itself. The bigger its size, the more calories you may find in it.

In the small size, banana (6 to 7 inch) can contain around 72 up to 90 calories. In average size (7 to 8 inch), it has around 90 to 105 calories. Meanwhile, for big size banana (more than 8 inches), it has 105 up to 135 calories. So, the range of calories in a banana should be around 72 to 135 calories.  In this case, we can generalize that an average banana contains around 100 calories each.

By this fact, a banana is not only good for your energy but also it is good for your immune system. By consuming a banana, you will not be easy to get sick. Also stated in, a banana is a good fruit for athletes and people who are on a diet.

Consuming banana is a thing now if you think that eat a portion of rice, bread, or noodle is too much for you in the morning or evening, just try to eat a Banana.