Traveling To Pulo Cinta


Traveling to Indonesia can be your game changer in traveling world. As we know that Indonesia has a lot of beautiful places that worth to visit. On this post, we will recommend you a beautiful place that you need to visit before you die. This place is Pulo Cinta or Love Island. This island is claimed as Indonesian version of Maldives. This tropical resort is located in Gorontalo.

Particularly located in Gulf of Tomini, the name Pulo Cinta is based on the shape of this island which is like a heart if you view it from the sky. How to get there? If your starting point is from Jakarta, then you will have a trip by plane to Jalaluddin Airport which is Gorontalo international airport in Sulawesi. You will fly for around 3 hours.

Traveling To Indonesia’s Best Island, Pulo Cinta

Traveling to Indonesia, Gorontalo can be done with many flights. There are over 30 flights to Gorontalo every day. so you don’t have to worry about the flight. Once you arrived in Gorontalo, you will go to Boalemo Regency for around two-hour by car. You will pass many small towns and villages of Gorontalo so you can enjoy the beautiful scenery there and breathe the fresh air. You will go to the harbor in the regency to go to Pulo Cinta.

The boat trip is around 30 minutes. You will sleep in the resort. It is like the Maldives which the villas are all built above the water. The villas surround the island and make a heart shape. Pulo Cinta has 3 types of villas that you can choose. The facilities are great such like spacious are, fresh water, LED TV, free Wi-Fi, and more. Pulo Cinta is the perfect choice for a honeymoon. But you can also spend your days by traveling to Indonesia and enjoy the perfect view in Pulo Cinta with your friends or family.

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Mobdro Application for Various Devices


Have you ever heard about Mobdro? For you who like to stream anytime and anywhere, this application is highly recommended to install on your device. If you are tired of paying more for videos that you want to watch, so this application is your savior. You do not need to give more charge on all your favorite videos. It lets you stream various movies, TV programs, and channels freely. Just install the application on any kind of your devices that you used, then you will get the videos that you want without any charge.

What Are the Compatible Devices for Mobdro?

The good news from Mobdro is there are already various devices which are compatible with this application. You can download it for Android, smart TV, and even your tablets. If you are comfortable to watch your favorite videos at home, so you can install it on your smart TV. Meanwhile, you can easily watch various videos everywhere from your smartphone. If there is no smart TV, so you can install the application on your PC. Basically, here are simple steps to get the application:

  • Visit the Sites

The first step to do is finding the apk through the official website. You can check on the browser, then find the site easily. Make sure that you get through the official one.

  • Find the Compatible apk

There is a lot of apk that can be downloaded. Make sure that you choose based on the device that you use.

  • Install the Application

Click the download button, then wait for several minutes. If the icon of application is shown, so it means that the application has been installed well.

Make sure that you download the apk directly from Then, in several minutes you can stream any kind of your favorite videos and channels.

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Getting a Job in Malaysia from This


If you have a dream to work in certain place; you should try to make it true. Well, job Malaysia information here will be the first step for you who want to work in Malaysia. I will give you the trusted information about the job vacancies and the website page! So, do you want to know more? See the information as the following.

How to Get a Job in Malaysia Easily with this Website Page

I will tell you the link to the website page later in the last paragraph. So, here I will tell you the reasons and why you need this link. If you want to work in Malaysia and get the best job; you should know the trusted source of trusted information.

Job Malaysia is varied. You could choose based on your skill, your education, the salary you want and the experiences you have got. You could get those options easily in the website page I will tell you. Here are more reasons why you need the link to get a job in Malaysia:

  1. There are several options for choosing the job vacancies. You may choose based on your education, the type of job, the category of job and so on.
  2. You also could find the job based on the salary.
  3. There are urgently needed job information as well. It is really big chance to get the job fast.
  4. There are so many job vacancies over there.

So, do you want to visit the website page now? You should make sure your preparation to apply the resume is done. Therefore, you are ready to apply them all to the companies you want. You will get the link below.

Click this link: job Malaysia to visit the website page and get your dream job. Make it come true now! Ok, that is all and I wish you are lucky to get the job soon.

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Stream Video Through Mobdroapp


Video streaming is one of the activities that people do on the internet. People prefer online streaming simply because they can freely choose what program that they want. It can be films, reality shows, or specific television programs. A problem occurs for those online streamers when they need to download or watch any video on the internet.

The websites provided on the internet is too many. Mostly, they only offer the same thing and have the same limitation which is cannot really fulfill what the viewers need. As an example, there are too many advertisements in a page, or the episode or the series we want to watch is not full. It is a very inconvenience for online streamers. Recently, the streamers found that one website which may fulfill their needs is mobdro app ( So, this is why you need to move to the mobdro app.

The Benefit Of Using Mobdroapp

  1. There are a great number of the video you may find on this website
  2. You can find many interesting topics, news, channels, or any video you want to watch all around the world. Those videos also provided in various languages. The viewers will get more experience exploring this website.
  3. Easy-to-share video
  4. com will help you to arrange many good and trending videos on the home page according to the viewer’s interest. After you get the video, you can freely share all videos with your friends by only one click.
  5. Bookmark video you like

Whenever you browse the video and find that it is interesting but you have no time to watch it at a moment, you only need to bookmark it. By doing this way, you may open the video in other time you like. It is very useful for you who browse video a lot. That is why you may start to open

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Tips to Find Best Job Vacancies in Malaysia


Are you living in Malaysia and want to know some information about job vacancy in Malaysia? Actually, all around the world, information about an available job for job seekers are available in great numbers. The only thing you can do is have good motivation to look for information about those vacancies so that you will get better chance to get the job.

How to Find the Best Job Vacancies in Malaysia

If you want to get the best job vacancy in Malaysia, of course, you have to put your motivation at the highest level. Many people out there are the same with you, they look for the job vacancy and put their best to apply for the position they want. So, you can try the following tips to get the job vacancy with the best position in Malaysia.

  • Choose the Company

Sometimes, we do not need to wait for finding any information about job vacancies coincidentally. The example that we can do is looking for the information about the company that has the same major with you. Send your application email or some documents that might be required, and then wait until you get called by the company.

  • Look for Information in Newspaper

Actually, this is something that many people do since about long time ago. Of course, you can find any job vacancy from the newspaper. However, it does not give you any guarantee that the job is kind of job that you want. Yet, that is good to try every kind of job, as long as it is a good job.

  • Visit a Job Fair

In your city, you might find many job fair events. In the job fair, it becomes the source where you can meet the representative of many companies. The representatives also give you chance to let them know about your CV and some information that might be available with their requirements.

Those tips will help you to find a job vacancy in Malaysia. So, follow these tips and good luck!

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Get Fun Trip With Family To Bromo


Planning to go to Mount Bromo? You should join the Bromo Ijen tour now. Why? You and your family will get the best services and enjoy the journey and the holiday with the best quality. I know the quality time with your family is the most important thing when you are on a trip. Therefore, choosing the right tour agency is the best. Do you want to know more about it?

How To Make The Trip More Fun With Family In Bromo?

I know how hectic to prepare the trip with family. Sometimes there are so many luggage and the kids just difficult to follow the rules. However, you do not worry, if you use the right tour agency to see the beautiful places in Indonesia; you will not need to think about the other things outside your family members.

Bromo Ijen tour will be very fun if it is done for more than a day. You can choose the tour from Yogyakarta. You will see the temple of Borobudur and Prambanan first before you see the Bromo and Ijen. You also will directly go to Bali afterward. It will be so fun. After you see the temple, the mount, and crater; you will see beach? Are you excited?

It will be so perfect for the family fun trip. You will not regret it. Just take your day off and get your kids to those beautiful places in the world. Tell your kids how beautiful nature and culture is. They will learn and love the nature even more.

So, do you need to know the tour agency now? You better visit the website page first to know the detail of each package. Discuss with your family members and choose the perfect package for you all. Visit this link: Bromo Ijen tour. Thus, that is all and have more fun with your family!

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Benefits Of Keeping Teacup Pomeranian Puppies


A lot of people believe that dog is the most loyal animal and best friend for a human. They even think that it the dog is not only an animal but also a member of the family. Dogs are very sensitive that they can warn you of any danger. In this modern era, people love the new breed of puppies called teacup Pomeranian. Therefore, teacup Pomeranian puppies for sale are widely available.

The Advantages Of The Puppies Presence

These recent years, teacup puppies are so popular for their cuteness and playful character. They are one of the best options for another small dog.  Their active behavior is perfect for children playmates. You will love to play with them on the playground while training them to be well-behaved. There are other three main benefits that you will get from the presence of teacup puppies in your house.

  1. Require Small Space

First of all, most teacup Pomeranian puppies for sale are really small in size. The biggest may only reach up to 11 inches in height and about 7 pounds in weight. This mini figure allows you to keep them in the relatively small flat. Dog fence makes enough space for them to play and sleep.

  1. Live Longer

Keeping and caring a mini Pomeranian can be a good investment for you. It is said that mini Pomeranian can live long. Some teacup Pomeranian breed can live up to 16 years or even more. As long as they are genetically excellent they can live longer than you expect.

  1. Reduce Stress

Last advantage you will get from caring for teacup Pomeranian puppies for sale is that they can help you to reduce stress. Playing with these obedient and playful puppies can serve as the effective therapy. Many studies have long discussed it. Their active personality makes you always want to pamper and play with them.

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Things To Note When Changing Betta Fish Water


The fish is one of the most popular things you can consider as a pet. Besides of being a pet, you will also get them as a house decoration. As they can be vibrant and beautiful, they will be a good decoration at home and you will feel more attracted to it. To make sure that you can get the best of it, you need to choose some things like the betta fish. But, you need to also know the answer to how long do betta fish live? Understanding how long they live will make it more comfortable for you.

The Procedure Of Cleaning The Aquarium

When you have the betta fish aquarium, you will choose the best for them as you can get them as you wish. In this case, you can also get the answer from the question of how long do betta fish live? It is important for you so you can get the best treatment.

  1. When changing the water for your aquarium, you need to make sure that you have two places for the fish. The real aquarium needs to be cleaned, so you will need a place for the fish to live temporarily as you clean them.
  2. Move the fish from the aquarium to the new container easily. Don’t use your hands, but use the tools instead. When you use your hands you will get a higher chance to damage their beautiful body.
  3. This is a great thing to do at least every 3 days, making sure that the fish is clean and you can get the best for them. So, you will also have a beautiful fish in the house.

Those are the things you need to do when you choose them. Don’t hesitate to choose them as you can get the best of them by getting the clean aquarium for them. It is also the answer to optimize the lifespan of a betta fish and you can answer how long do betta fish live?

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Start Offline Business with Small Budget


If you have a plan to start a business, but do not know what to do, thinking about small offline business can be a good one for you. If you want to pay more attention to your surroundings, you will be easier in having some inspirations of your business. Especially, for an offline business, there will be various things for you to try. To help you get the inspiration that you need, read the following information for better ideas.

Ideas for Offline Business with Small Budget

If you want to start your offline business with a small budget, you can get several things to do. Here are several things to do about starting a small offline business.

  • Tutoring Students

If you have the ability to teach people, opening your own course will be a good one idea. You do not need any place at the beginning. Just start with your home as the place or making a private course by visiting the students’ home can be a good decision. It is nice if you can share your knowledge while gaining income from it.

  • Catering Business

If you love to cook, catering business will be good for you. You do not need a too big budget as you can ask for the DP as the budget that you use first. You only need to promote your catering business by putting the banner or something like name board in front of your house. Then, people will know about the existence of your catering.

Those two types of businesses are the examples of offline business that you can try without needing to use too much budget. Then, you might have your own ideas or might decide to choose one of those two types of offline business to start. For more information about types of offline business, you can go and access Kingscrossaccess.

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Hybrid Car – A New Trend of Green Car


The global environment condition is getting worse day by day. It affects the automobile industry to create eco-friendly cars. Therefore, one of the most anticipated 2018 cars models is the one that does not damage the environment. Hybrid cars are available to solve this condition. Many automobile industries keep developing this kind of green cars.

The Best Hybrid Car in 2018

A hybrid vehicle is any vehicle which employs more than one energy source. A hybrid vehicle is available with the fuel tank and also electric kind of motors. Therefore, it is highly economical and eco-friendly for it needs less fuel and can reuse energy. However, this kind of engine is considered costly technology.

Many manufacturers have utilized this technology in their products. One of the best hybrid cars so far is the 2018 Hyundai Ionic. Besides its safe effects on the environment, this series of Hyundai offers the lowest price among other hybrid cars. Moreover, it reaches the highest mpg record. It has high quality interior features and user-friendly entertainment system.

Hybrid Car Model Comparison

Those qualities are the best among other hybrid cars from other manufacturers. If we compare with the well-known hybrid car, Toyota Prius, Ioniq still can surpass and rank first. It does have many similarities yet based on performance Ioniq remains as the best hybrid car collection. Besides, the competitor costs more than Ioniq does.

Other 2018 cars models in hybrid class such Toyota Camry and Avalon Hybrid cannot beat the special quality of Ioniq. The best competitor in term of price will be Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid. However, their mpg-e rating is far behind the Ioniq’s record.

If you consider buying a green car with hybrid technology, you highly recommend visiting There you can find more review about each hybrid car. Hope this information helps.

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