Health Benefits Of Foods For Your Body


Human needs foods. Why? Of course, it is the primary needs. You will die without eating anything in your life. It is clear and cannot be denied. However, there are the health benefits of foods for you as well. So, it is not only the needs of your body that avoid the death. There are more of that. Here, I will tell you the benefits of foods.

The Best Benefits Of Foods And Beverages For Your Body

What are your favorite foods? You need to know if your favorite foods are the right and healthy foods or not. Sometimes anything that is tasty not always good for your body and health. You need to know it is very common that the sugar is very tasty but not so healthy if you eat it too much.

Many sweets, cakes, and other sweet foods trigger obesity. It also triggers diabetes. One of the dangerous disease. If you care about your body and health; you should choose the right and good foods. So, here are the health benefits of foods you should know:

  1. The good foods will give you the energy to do activities. Sugar may give you energy but too much sugar also not good for you.
  2. You will get the right nutrition, vitamin, and fiber from the vegetables and fruit. Even from the other foods as long as it is healthy.
  3. You will get the healthy digestive system and got off from dangerous diseases.
  4. Your brain will be improved and you will be a better person.

Many foods are good for your brain. It will give you the best benefits for your brain and the whole of your life. You may find out here: the health benefits of foods. You will get many useful information and tips about foods, home remedies and so on. That is all.

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Is Egg Good For Health?


Some of you might ever hear about egg diet. You need to eat some eggs to let your body in good shape. However, some facts also found that too much egg intake is not good for health. So, which is the true one? Actually, the egg has more protein which is good for your health. Moreover, there are an also so many benefits that can be taken from consuming enough eggs.

The Benefits Of Consuming Eggs

If you really love to eat eggs, so lucky you. There are a lot of benefits that you take from consuming eggs, like:

  • Fulfill Your Vitamins Intake

Although egg is not the type of fruit or vegetable, it still rich in the vitamin. In an egg, there are vitamin B2, vitamin A, vitamin B12, and vitamin E. All of this kind of vitamins have good benefits for your health like for energy and reducing dangerous damage.


  • Help to Lose Your Weight

There is a new trend about egg diet. In fact, the egg will help to limit your calorie intake every day. That is why it is good for your diet. By consuming egg, you will get 400 calories and still enough for your calories intake. It means that you will lose around three pounds for a month.


  • Prevent Cancer

In certain research, it found that eggs can prevent breast cancer in the adult. Moreover, the egg yolks are effective to reduce the breast cancer more than 24%. If you can take only two eggs in a day for the breakfast menu, so you will be prevented from the chance of breast cancer.

Besides these three benefits of consuming eggs, there are other more benefits from this kind of food. However, you have to make sure that don’t let yourself get excessive eggs intake. Any kind of excessive thing is not good.

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Maintain Your Stamina While Travelling


Traveling is the best way to refresh our brain from daily life. Sometimes after doing a long trip travel, you will get a high-level of tired and drain your whole stamina. The lack of doing some sports in your daily activity is one of the reason. Doing a little workout before breakfast time is important to strengthen your stamina.

Stamina can be obtained by routinely doing sports. For example, you can see athletes who are doing work out every day, they would not be easily tired. Because they always training to strengthen their stamina. The same case for you who want to do a long trip travel.

How To Enjoy Your Travelling?

While you are traveling with your friends or family, lack of stamina can change the moods of doing it. Prepare your body to face the journey properly, so you will enjoy your nice trip. There are some tips for you to maintain your stamina while you are traveling.

  1. Lift Up Your Feet

It does not literally lift your feet high up, but while you are sleeping, positioning your feet a little high from your body. Use your bag or pillow to lift up your feet. Doing this step for 20 minutes can smoothen your blood flow on your feet.

  1. Soak Your Feet in a Warm Water

This step is an easy way to restore your stamina. If the hotel you spent has a water heater facility, use it to warm your feet after doing a journey. But if there is no water heater, you can ask for a hot towel and use it to wipe your feet.

  1. Consume More Mineral Water

Traveling for days needs extra liquids in our body. Make sure you got enough water while doing a long journey because most of the stamina comes from your mineral water. When your liquid elements in your body got enough portion, your body can always be active and can serve the best quality of it.

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Calories In A Banana


Banana is one of the fruits which has many fans. Beside this fruit is good for health, it is also delicious. Banana contains a great number nutrition which is good for your health. Therefore, athletes and people on diet love to consume banana because it has balanced calories. A balanced calorie is very good because it helps your performance in a daily activity. For numerous information about how good is a banana, we can find it on bananavitamins.

Calories We Can Find In A Banana

In many parts of the world, we can find there are many kinds of banana. Actually, they have different contents of calories in it, but experts agreed that how many calories we can find in a banana depends on the size of the banana itself. The bigger its size, the more calories you may find in it.

In the small size, banana (6 to 7 inch) can contain around 72 up to 90 calories. In average size (7 to 8 inch), it has around 90 to 105 calories. Meanwhile, for big size banana (more than 8 inches), it has 105 up to 135 calories. So, the range of calories in a banana should be around 72 to 135 calories.  In this case, we can generalize that an average banana contains around 100 calories each.

By this fact, a banana is not only good for your energy but also it is good for your immune system. By consuming a banana, you will not be easy to get sick. Also stated in, a banana is a good fruit for athletes and people who are on a diet.

Consuming banana is a thing now if you think that eat a portion of rice, bread, or noodle is too much for you in the morning or evening, just try to eat a Banana.

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How To Deal With Seasonal Affective Disorder


There are more people become feel tired, less spirit, and more depressed whenever autumn and winter comes. It is called as Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. This depression happened because they receive less sunlight. The cold wind and cold temperature not just make them feel sad or tired but also depressed. If you feel blue whenever autumn and winter are coming, you need to do this thing

How To Beat The Blue?

The key to beat the blue is by maintaining your daily routine. We know that SAD sufferer might feel too sad or too tired to start their day. But you must maintain your daily routine. It is the most helpful thing to make your day brighter even though the day is cold. Don’t abandon your favorite activities or hobbies just because the day wants you to just hibernate at home. You will feel better if you keep working, reading your favorite book, and chilling with your friends.

Although it is autumn or winter, there is still sunlight in the morning. You need to get up from the bed and go outside to get natural sunlight in the morning. If this is too hard for you, need to wake up early and open all the curtains in your home so sunlight can enter your home as many as possible. Sunlight will give you vitamin D and it can boost your happy hormone and lower your stress hormone.

Cut out the sugar can be your next thing to do. Sugar is not healthy for your body as well as your mental health. There is a study shown that if people eat too much sugar, the risk of depression will become higher. People who have anxiety will also affect sugar too. You need to eat more fiber and protein.

Although this depression is temporary you need to do these things above whenever SAD attack you.

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Make Your Own Face Mask!


The face mask is something that you need to put in your skincare routine. With the mask, your skin will get more nutrient. Moreover, the face mask is also great for you who have acne, blemish, rough, redness, and dull skin. By using a face mask, you can make your skin look healthy and amazing.

How To Make DIY Mask?

Below are our 2 recommended DIY face mask that you can make on your own. Those masks are great for treating acne, moisturizing, and brightening.

  1. Oatmeal mask

Oatmeal is very great to moisture your skin. Whenever you have rough skin, you can make it smooth by using oatmeal mask too. This ingredient is super helpful for treating acne breakouts and eczema as well. How to make the oatmeal mask? You need 2 tsp of instant oatmeal, 2 tsp of plain yogurt, and 1 tsp of honey. Mix all of the ingredients with enough water and stir it until the ingredients become paste. Apply the mask all over your face and leave it for 15 minutes only. After that, wash your face with warm water. You can use this mask and apply it on the affected area such as knees, neck, inner arms, and another area.

  1. Papaya mask

If you don’t like papaya, now you need to like it. This fruit is very rich in antioxidants which help to fight free radical that can damage your skin.  So, if you want a moist, healthy, and glowing skin, then you need to use papaya skin. Papaya can also rejuvenate your skin so it makes this mask popular. You just need sliced papaya (don’t use too much), ½ tsp of lemon juice, and ½ tsp of honey. Blend the ingredients after they blend evenly. Spread the mask all over your face and neck. Leave for 15 minutes and wash with cold water.

By using one of those DIY face masks twice a week, you can have a healthier skin.


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Ideal Nutrition For Diet


The most important in the diet is the ideal protein reviews. It can be learned to make the best result for your diet. Protein will be as an occurrence to set your diet. According to the several kinds of research, the best ideal protein to diet is low carbohydrate and low calorie. It can help you to decrease your weight and stay to the ideal weight.

Planning Your Diet

Moreover, the behavior of your life or lifestyle very influences for your ideal weight. On the other word, the lifestyle is truly key to keep your weight in the normal level. Nevertheless, I will explain how to plan your diet to get the maximum result of diet.

  1. Ideal Protein

It is the main procedure for your diet. The ideal protein is a food that has high protein and low carbohydrate and low calorie. Carbohydrate is used to produce energy; our body needs carbohydrate with ideal proportion. If we have an excess of carbohydrate, our weight is also increased. The most dangerous of the carbohydrate is obesity. Obesity is the most dangerous disease that it can trigger several diseases such as heart attack and diabetes. If we consume High protein with low carbon, your body will consume carbohydrate in your body to produce an energy. It means that your weight will lose to the proportional weight.

  1. The Food Choices

We also must considerate the ideal protein reviews to the food choices. the review will help you to know the side effect or the benefit of the balance of protein in the food. The most important of this choice is the balance of the protein that you consume every day. The replacement of the food to the drink is the best choice for you. It is very easy and you will like it.

Ideal protein reviews are the important key to get the maximum result of your diet. You should learn the side effect and the benefits before you try it.

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Easy Tips To Make Your Body Fresh


Working from Monday to Friday plus working overtime could make you super exhausted. On weekends, you end up lay on your bed and do nothing the whole day. You should stop it if you experience such thing. It can be an indication of illness.

Habits That Cause Exhaustion

Feeling easily exhausted can be caused by continuous bad habit. First, a bad habit that you may not realize is eating unhealthy food. Sometimes, because of your busy schedule, you decide to eat fast food. It will lead to chronic illness. Secondly, it may happen because you get anemia. People with anemia will easily feel exhausted and pale. They may also suffer from hypotension. Another condition that makes someone feel exhausted is because of dehydration. If your body gets a low level of water you will be tired and pale.

How To Make Body Fresh Again?

If you find one of those conditions happen to you, you should know how to fix it. Identifying the cause can make you easier on finding the right treatment. There are some ways to make your body fresh and feeling unexhausted anymore.

  1. Eat More Vegetable

Instead of eating junk food and soda, it will be better to eat something healthier. You should spend some time to cook by yourself and make sure you get enough nutrition. You will feel fit and fresh at the same time.


  1. Keep Moving

Next, you should not stay idle. If you have a day off, drag yourself to do some exercise. If you sweat, you secrete toxic from the body. Not only will you feel fresh, you are also investing to prevent aging.


  1. Drink Much Water

Lastly, make you hydrated all the day by drinking much water. Water will prevent you from dehydration and another health issue. Make it balance by having deep sleep every night.

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Daily Healthy Tips For Your Healthy Life


Do you want to live healthily? Of course, people want to live healthy and happy with their condition. Actually, becoming a healthy person is not a difficult thing to be true. You can start with your daily activity so that you can get your healthy condition effortlessly. Simple things in your daily activity can help you in order to start your healthy life. Then, what are things that you can do in your daily activity to live healthily?

Daily Tips For Your Healthy Life

If you want to live healthily, you have to start from the simple things on your daily routine. To make you easier in understanding the tips, please read the following information for you.

  1. Eat Meal On Time

This is the part of what you can do for your health in your daily activity. It might sound simple but you really need to take care of your meal, so that you can live healthier. If you are on diet, you also have to take care of your meal regularly based on your diet menu.

  1. Brush Your Teeth

You also have to brush your teeth regularly. It is important for your healthy teeth condition. So, you do not need to go to dentist many times when you can protect your teeth in a good way.

  1. Do Exercise

This is the other simple but important thing to do. Even though you are busy enough to do exercise, make sure to spend your time in the middle of your busy day to do a simple exercise. You also can alternate your exercise by choosing the stair instead of the elevator or lift.

Those simple tips for your daily habit are important to get a healthier life. So, do not be lazy and follow these tips for better body health. That is all the information for you about daily health tips for you.

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Choosing Baby Sitter For Baby’s Health


If you are a busy mom with a job outside the house, you surely need a babysitter. It is not because you do not care for your baby but you have to work for your baby. However, you should know choosing babysitter is a hard job. You need to get the perfect one; therefore, you will not get any more problem with your babysitter and the baby is also happy and healthy.

Tips On How To Choose Baby Sitter For Baby’s Health

The babysitter is like your second hand to help you taking care your baby. You know, the baby is still fragile and need help to always be healthy and clean. That is why the qualified babysitter is badly needed for your baby. Here are the tips for you:

  1. Make sure the babysitter is qualified and have the education to taking care babies.
  2. You should make sure the babysitter also has knowledge of health and home remedies for babies.
  3. You should make sure the babysitter will love your baby; therefore, your baby will never be hurt.
  4. You might do the test for the babysitter related to a health problem and see how she or he solve the problem.
  5. You should not forget to give the whole rules and information about the baby’s health and history. Make sure she or he understands.

There are many cases where the babysitter hurt the babies because they are not qualified and they are criminal. You should not take that risk for your beloved baby. You should see your baby all day with CCTV if you need to.

If you think you cannot let your baby is taken care by the babysitter; you should stay at home. You can find a job that allows you to stay at home with your baby. So, what do you think? Ok, that is all.

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