Epic Landscape Along Rinjani Trekking Route


Are going to go trekking on Mount Rinjani? Have searched some destinations you can enjoy the trip? If you are trying to find this information, this thread is your answer. You can enjoy many dashing views on mount Rinjani trekking. The mountain is located in the area within Mount Rinjani National Park. There are two routes that you can choose. The first option, you can start your trek from Senaru. Another option is to start the trip from Sembalun. Those routes are located on the different side of the mountain.

Spots To Visit On Mount Rinjani

Here is a brief guide for you who would like to start your mount Rinjani trekking from Senaru.

  • Waterfalls

You can visit the Sindang Gila waterfall and Tiu Kelep waterfall. You enjoy the path for it there is easy pathway heading to the waterfalls. You can make yourself refreshed with the pure water before trekking.

  • Crater Rim

After a long walk from the mountain slope, you can build a tent and enjoy the night by camping on the crater rim. It took you around nine hours to get there, depend on your speed. You can enjoy the sunset and amazing view of the crater in the evening. Having dinner with an amazingly gorgeous view as the background of the crater rim is another experience you cannot miss.

  • Sunrise

In the early morning, you can start the summit trek. The path is going to be harder with thin air and narrow path. However, once you reach up to the mountain peak you will never regret how beautiful the view is. Sunrise will greet you at the top and your long journey will be paid off.


Those are some spots you can enjoy during mount Rinjani trekking. A lot more you can explore. Spending your holiday on Mount Rinjani will be another memorable experience.