How To Deal With Seasonal Affective Disorder


There are more people become feel tired, less spirit, and more depressed whenever autumn and winter comes. It is called as Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. This depression happened because they receive less sunlight. The cold wind and cold temperature not just make them feel sad or tired but also depressed. If you feel blue whenever autumn and winter are coming, you need to do this thing

How To Beat The Blue?

The key to beat the blue is by maintaining your daily routine. We know that SAD sufferer might feel too sad or too tired to start their day. But you must maintain your daily routine. It is the most helpful thing to make your day brighter even though the day is cold. Don’t abandon your favorite activities or hobbies just because the day wants you to just hibernate at home. You will feel better if you keep working, reading your favorite book, and chilling with your friends.

Although it is autumn or winter, there is still sunlight in the morning. You need to get up from the bed and go outside to get natural sunlight in the morning. If this is too hard for you, need to wake up early and open all the curtains in your home so sunlight can enter your home as many as possible. Sunlight will give you vitamin D and it can boost your happy hormone and lower your stress hormone.

Cut out the sugar can be your next thing to do. Sugar is not healthy for your body as well as your mental health. There is a study shown that if people eat too much sugar, the risk of depression will become higher. People who have anxiety will also affect sugar too. You need to eat more fiber and protein.

Although this depression is temporary you need to do these things above whenever SAD attack you.