How To Decorate Cozy Minecraft House


Among Minecraft players may have different priority in building a house. Some will take the challenge to make cool houses to build in Minecraft. Meanwhile, some others are happy enough to live in a small house without any additional furniture. However, interior ideas are necessary for those who want to improve their interior look.

Decorating Living Room With Sofa

The living room is your main attraction once entering the house. Therefore, it is important to put something appealing in it. The sofa is a great item to be presented in the living room. With players’ creativity, sofa and other household goods can be replicated. By using the basic material, crafting such items can be possible.

You will need stair blocks, wood slabs, and wool blocks. First, put two stair blocks side by side. Then, put slabs in front of the stairs to give longer effect. To make your sofa looks fluffier and fancier, you can put a wool block around the slabs. It will give the effect of cool houses to build in Minecraft.

Adding Kitchen Set Decoration

The presence of countertops and stove is a must in the kitchen. To create simple kitchen counter you just need some wood planks and arrange it according to your own design. For creating a stove, you can use a furnace. Adding crafting table will completely create a functional kitchen. If you dream of having a fridge, you can also make the exact replica of it.

Installing Shower For Bathroom

To make your fancier look of cool houses to build in Minecraft, replicating shower will work. You can start by placing glass piece for walls and door panel. Make shower faucet out of tripwire hook and place it on the wall. To make it functional, put a block of water above a piston in the ceiling. Water will come out by activating the piston.