How to Find the Right Printer


Everything about printer driver can be confusing for some people. For example, if you install Epson XP 202 software to your PC, your PC can’t recognize the driver. What should you do? Let’s assume that your PC also recognizing the printer driver by using Ethernet or Wi-Fi, but is still don’t recognize the driver.

How to Find the Right Printer for Your PC

Here’s the thing that you need to do. First, you need to go to System Preferences on your PC. And then click Printers and Scanners. Check on the left part of the screen and you will the Printer’s list, click that. The next thing is to check the Location part which located in the right part of the screen. The printer diver should end with Print (your PC brand and type).

So, if you want to install Epson XP 202 software, you need to remove the current printer driver by clicking the minus icon in the Printer’s list. After that, click the plus icon. There will be pop-up menu after that. Click the nearby printers and your PC will scan the printer driver. You will see the Epson in the result bar.

After the name of the new printer driver shows up in the list, you need click Add Printer. Your printer should be already on the list but we are not done yet. Click the Printer menu and a pop-up menu will appear. After that, you need to choose the Epson software.

If the name of the software doesn’t appear, you need to click Select Software. Wait for a while and there will be a name of the software which is Epson XP 202 software. You can select it and your PC will install the software automatically. And it’s done! You can print any type of file that you want. You can download the software, the original one, only on