How To Know Bad Or Good Snacks


Safety and quality of snacks which are sold in the school can be a serious thought for several parents. However, as a parent, if you prohibit your child to buy snacks in the school, that is impossible because your child might be affected by their friends. And the fact that snacks bring for about 36% from total child’s energy is real.

Filtering Your Child’s Food

As a parent, to make sure that your child eats a healthy food is by bringing him or her their own food from home. This is the safest way for your children, but there are several parents that have no chance to bring their child foods. In the case, as a parent, you have to teach your children how to choose a good and healthy snack to be eaten.

There Are Several Tips For You To Choose A Healthy Snack.

Avoid a food which has a striking color or has a different color from the origin. This is a simple way to choose some snack options in your school. Usually, if the snacks have a really different color from the origin, it might be combined with some coloring dye.

Taste the food first. Usually, a fake snack has a sharp taste, for example, if an ice cream has a very sweet taste, it might be combined with extra sugar. This is not good for your child’s health. The tongue can adapt with fake or real food, this not literally adapt, but it has a capability to filter which is real or fake.

And then read the compositions. Teach your children to always read the composition before they buy it. They have to know which good or bad ingredient. And then teach them how to know about the legalization food from the government, suggest your children choose snacks with the legal sign.