How To Make Breastfeeding Easier?


For a mother, breastfeeding her baby is a natural thing. But in reality, there are many mothers who have difficulty in terms of breastfeeding their babies. If you also experience such things, you do not need to worry, because this is also common for other mothers. Starting from breast milk does not come out until the nipple is injured, is commonplace. To avoid injured nipples, you can use a nipple shield.

Breast milk is very good for the baby’s development because breast milk contains complete nutrition that cannot be completely replaced by formula milk. Nutritional content in breast milk can adjust to the needs of the baby. In addition, exclusive breastfeeding can also reduce the risk of disease that can affect the baby. There are several important things that nursing mothers need to do in order for their baby to breastfeed to be a memorable thing.

Tips For Moms In Breastfeeding

Mothers should ensure that the baby should be in a comfortable state when breastfed. Mothers should also position themselves in such a way as to feel comfortable while breastfeeding their babies. The recommended baby’s position during breastfeeding is that her head should be taller than her body. The mother can support the baby by hand or pillow. Also, position the baby’s nose parallel to the breast so that the baby’s mouth can open.

When the baby begins to suckle, sometimes the baby can injure the nipple. Use the nipple shield before starting breastfeeding to protect the nipples. In addition, bring the baby to the breast as the baby begins to open its mouth to feed. Wait until the baby’s mouth opens slightly wide with tongue down position.

Mothers also need to prepare other breastfeeding equipment to make the breastfeeding process enjoyable and comfortable. Special bra for nursing mothers can be used so that mothers can more easily breastfeed their babies. In addition, to protect the nipples from nursing injuries, the mother can also use the nipple shield.