How to Treat Scabs on Your Skin Easily


How to Treat Scabs on Your Skin Easily

Scar must be the worst thing that you got on your skin. It will not only make your look different, but you will also feel itchy or even pain in the infected area. For the most problematic one is scabs. This condition is kind of skin defense to protect more bleeding injuries by creating a hard coating. Actually, the appearance of scabs means that your injuries are in the healing process. However, these scabs are even more difficult to get rid than the injury itself. Some people try to buy the expensive cream to remove it. It must be the effective one, but there are more effective ways to get rid of your scabs.

The Best Scabs Treatment After Injuries

If you get scabs after bleeding injury, so it must be the common one. However, it is a big concern since you have to remove it hardly. It is even harder to get rid than the scar. Here are the best treatment for getting rid of your scabs:

  • Compress

For the simple one, you can try to compress your scabs with warm water. You can do this treatment frequently. You can soak the softest towel into warm water, then press it gently on scabs area. However, you have to make sure that you did not pull off or rub your skin since it will make your skin getting worst.

  • Baking Soda Home Remedy

To get more effective way, you can grab a baking soda. Besides compressing which will cool down the pain and itchy, you have also need to get rid of bacteria and fungus. Just mix baking soda with water and sodium bicarbonate until it becomes a paste. Apply it on your scabs area, then let it dry.

  • Tea Tree Oil

Do you like to use tea tree oil? You can use it as the best antiseptics for your scabs.