Hybrid Car – A New Trend of Green Car


The global environment condition is getting worse day by day. It affects the automobile industry to create eco-friendly cars. Therefore, one of the most anticipated 2018 cars models is the one that does not damage the environment. Hybrid cars are available to solve this condition. Many automobile industries keep developing this kind of green cars.

The Best Hybrid Car in 2018

A hybrid vehicle is any vehicle which employs more than one energy source. A hybrid vehicle is available with the fuel tank and also electric kind of motors. Therefore, it is highly economical and eco-friendly for it needs less fuel and can reuse energy. However, this kind of engine is considered costly technology.

Many manufacturers have utilized this technology in their products. One of the best hybrid cars so far is the 2018 Hyundai Ionic. Besides its safe effects on the environment, this series of Hyundai offers the lowest price among other hybrid cars. Moreover, it reaches the highest mpg record. It has high quality interior features and user-friendly entertainment system.

Hybrid Car Model Comparison

Those qualities are the best among other hybrid cars from other manufacturers. If we compare with the well-known hybrid car, Toyota Prius, Ioniq still can surpass and rank first. It does have many similarities yet based on performance Ioniq remains as the best hybrid car collection. Besides, the competitor costs more than Ioniq does.

Other 2018 cars models in hybrid class such Toyota Camry and Avalon Hybrid cannot beat the special quality of Ioniq. The best competitor in term of price will be Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid. However, their mpg-e rating is far behind the Ioniq’s record.

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