Fabric & Grounds

The purpose of the Fabric & Grounds teams is the maintenance and development of Houston & Killellan Kirk’s buildings and grounds in order to enable the work of the Church and the safe enjoyment of the buildings by all who use the property.

The remit for the Fabric Team includes:

  • creating a positive environment for current and possible future church uses;
  • developing a clear programme of maintenance and renewal of the church fabric with timeline of actions and budget estimates;
  • ensuring that all work over a budget of £1,000 is supported by three quotations; 
  • budgeting the work programme to stay within the discretionary annual budget of £5,000, and to seek approval from the Kirk Session for any overspends;
  • no requirement to seek Session approval for works not exceeding,in cost, £300;
  • frequent liaison with the Finance over budgeting and timing for work;
  • liaising with presbytery for building surveys and to ensure a valuation is carried out every five years;
  • seeking presbytery approval for all work over £5,000;
  • ensuring insurance cover is adequate for all buildings;
  • liaising with groups who let the buildings to ensure that reasonable requirements are satisfied;
  • ensuring that all buildings and surrounding area complies with legislation as required, e.g. Health and Safety, Disability;
  • overseeing special building and fabric projects as requested by the Kirk Session;
  • active liaison with other Teams to determine needs and requirements;
  • The maintenance and enhancement of the grounds of Houston Kirk and Church Halls;
  • The Fabric and grounds teams are reminded that, under the Unitary constitution, members of the congregation can be appointed to their team and also people from outwith the congregation whose talents would assist the team can be “ corresponding members “