Mission, Evangelism & Media


This involves Christian outreach of the Church within the parish and the wider community by all means of communication. World Mission is our linkage between the Church of Scotland Council on World Mission and the congregation.




  • To consider the Christian outreach of the Church within the parish and the wider community and to involve the congregation in making the church attractive and available to all who might contact it in any way and for any reason.
  • To visit new homes with a message and organise leaflet drops at e.g. Easter and other special occasions and encourage regular communication with the parish,
  • To act as a link between the Church of Scotland World Mission Council and the congregation ensuring that all are informed through newsletters, by contributions at services through Christian Aid and in other ways.
  • To determine the Christian response to issues of political or national newsworthiness that may affect us all
  • To identify an overseas community suitable for our pro-active assistance and involvement
  • To liaise with our overseas partners
  • To promote outreach through communication, with the work of the media group , who have responsibility for the Kirk Record, Web Site, Publicity and encompassing modern technology in our worship
  • To have responsibity for sound and vision in our Church
  • To promote the work of Houston Kirk in the wider community
  • To encourage Fair Trade and support the growth of Fair Trade in our Church

♦ The Media and Fair Trade teams are reminded that under the Unitary constitution members of the congregation can be appointed to their team and also people from outwith the congregation whose talents  would assist the team can be “ coresponding members.