Organisation & Management


This involves the smooth running and further development of the Kirk Session and its associated teams and the Congregation, giving consideration to issues of the National Church at General Assembly and Presbytery as they affect us






  • To communicate with local Churches within the proposed Parish Grouping  and being aware of what other Churches are doing
  • To carry out Rollkeeping duties and to review Elders’ Districts, as necessary
  • To arrange Elder training and other training, as necessary
  • To continue to monitor our effectiveness.
  • To report on Remits to Presbyteries and Kirk Sessions from General Assembly 
  • To ensure the appointment of our Presbytery Elder and to ensure that the Session is updated on the work of Presbytery.
  • To organise the setting up of ad hoc sub-committees as the need arises for matters concerning General Assembly or Presbytery issues.
  • Kirk Session minutes
  • To deal with all matters pertaining to Church employee contracts e.g. Organist, Church Officer etc.
  • The Organisation and Management  team are reminded that under the Unitary constitution members of the congregation can be appointed to their team and also people from outwith the congregation whose talents would assist the team can be “ corresponding members “ , especially when setting up ad hoc sub-committees.