Worship, Discipleship & Fellowship


Worship is the primary activity of the Church and develops our Christian faith and understanding through our interaction with the Word of God, the Sacraments, music, praise, prayer, Bible study and action encompassing all ages of our Church family.

Worship is our response to God’s gifts and focuses on our relationship with God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit and to our fellow human beings and the environment in which we live, work and play.

In meeting and encountering God we strive, through worship, to be a Church for all seasons, for all people, for the individual, the family and the community. But to grow we must implement ways of bringing both new people and inactive church members in to active church life. Thus fellowship and worship must work together to ensure we do extend and maintain God’s family.




  • To support the Minister, as necessary, and be responsible for arranging scripture   readers for Worship services
  • To ensure that our form of worship meets the needs of our congregation and the parish.
  • To enable wider participation of members of all ages in leading worship.
  • To consider the use of technology to enhance worship
  • To develop a variety of services or alternative forms of worship developing ways to promote worship at times other than Sunday morning.
  • To develop groups for those interested in furthering their faith
  • To continue with a diversity of hymns and songs
  • To keep in contact with parents etc of newly baptized children through the Cradle Roll.
  • To promote fellowship and friendship through social and other activities ,providing a number of inclusive social events to the Congregation of our church and to parishioners at large in the course of a year
  • To support Kirk events such as Easter breakfast, Harvest Thanks – giving lunches
  • To implement ways of bringing both new people and inactive church members into active church life (with other Teams  and in partnership with other churches when appropriate)
  • To be responsible for ensuring that all organisations for which the Church has a responsibility and also those who meet on Church premises have nominated Elders and to ensure that sufficient support is available and given to all our young people, especially the Sunday Club and to continue the work of the BB and GB liaison team
  • To develop the Young Church for the future


Pastoral Care Team Remit

Pastoral care is our response to the Gospel grounded in our Call to Discipleship and to love our neighbour. It is offering God’s love in action and concern for the well being of individuals within our community, whether in childhood, adolescence adulthood, middle age or maturity.




  • To support the Minister in meeting the pastoral needs of all members of the congregation and congregation
  • To liaise with the Minister and keep him fully informed of the pastoral needs of members.  
  • To liaise with the relevant District Elder, as necessary. 

♦  The Worship, Discipleship and Fellowship teams are reminded that, under the Unitary constitution members of the congregation, can be appointed to their team and also people from outwith the congregation, whose talents would assist the team, can be “ corresponding members “