Next Sunday’s Kirk cleaning party - Team 8
Flower Delivery Rota – Today is Joan Bridge and next Sunday is Joan Andrew.

Wee Blether Rota:  Moira, Sheila and Sandra.

The church flowers today have been kindly gifted by June Wilson.

If you require the services of a Minister, please contact Rev Ian Bell, our locum Minister on 01475 529312.   The Vestry time will be held in church on Sundays, 12 15 - 12 45.

 BACON BUTTY BREAKFAST - In the KIllellan Halls after the early service on Easter Sunday (16th April).  Please add your name to the list at the back of the church.

GB COFFEE EVENING MON 17TH APRIL 6.30-8.30 IN AID OF MARY'S MEALS BACKPACK APPEAL:  Please drop in and enjoy juice, tea, coffee and cakes.  Tell your family and friends to come along too.

SOCIAL COMMITTEE:  Glasgow Philharmonic Male Voice Choir—we are very pleased that the Glasgow Philharmonic Male Voice Choir has agreed to come to Houston and Killellan Kirk on Sunday 23rd April at 7.30pm.  No tickets necessary but donations at the door for Killellan Halls Fund.


Please note the following office bearer’s duties for Holy week - week commencing 10th April 2017

Monday 10th April  – J STRAWBRIDGE, I. Jackson, J. Wilson.

Tuesday 11th April  – RONNIE ANDERSON, D. Whittle, G. Galloway.

Wednesday 12th April  – Service at Linwood Parish Church.

Thursday 13th April  - Maundy Thursday Holy Communion service – J McBEATH, H.Dunn, A.McCartney, K. Jackson, K.Johnston, Irwin Jefferson, A.Dawson, R.Ross.

Friday 14th April  – Good Friday – G. COLQUHOUN, D. Fulton, J. Mills.

All services begin at 1930hrs.

Jim McBeath,  Session Clerk