Senior Citizens

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Houston & Killellan Senior Citizens Group


Group Leader :  Miss Isobel Sharp  tel 01505 613355


Secretary :  Mrs Nan Hodson    tel 1505 327728

The Group meet every second Wednesday in the Kirk Hall at 2pm.

Senior Citizens Christmas party.jpg - 127.34 KBHouston and Killellan Kirk Senior Citizen’s Club

Houston and Killellan Kirk Senior Citizen’s finished the year with a flourish. On the 3rd December their Christmas Party was enjoyed both by the Group and their guests as seen in the photograph.

On the 10th December we had a Christmas lunch at the River Inn where everyone enjoyed the festive fair.

Many thanks to the River Inn staff who were very attentive and completely spoiled us.

In 2015 we have a full programme right through to the 8th of April which includes the following;

11th Feb - Jewellery making - Mrs Susan Easson

25th Feb – Addicted to Ancestors – Rev. A Sorensen

11th March – Harpist and Singer – Pauline Vallance

25th March - School of the Air (Australia) – Ms Irene MacKenzie

On 8th April 2015 we finish our year with Charles Donnelly and Friends to entertain us.

Please feel free to come along and join us on any of the above days but if you wish to come along on the 8th April we require at least two weeks notice.

Please contact Ms Isobel Sharp 01505 613355

or Mrs Nan Hodson 01505 327728







Agenda for 2015


14/01/15 - An afternoon with the Hilite’s


28/01/15 - Bring and Buy sale and games afternoon


11/02/15 - Jewellery Making. Mrs S Easson


25/02/15 - Addicted to Ancestors. Rev. A Sorenson


11/03/15 - Enjoy music and Song with Pauline Vallance - Harpist and    



25/03/15 - School of the Air – Ms I MacKenzie


08/04/15 - Guest afternoon with Mr C Donnelly and friends    (Musical entertainment)


We have a full programme for 15 and we invite you to join us either permanently as a group member, or on an occasional visit to join in the social aspect of our group.

We have regular guests to entertain us with overhead slides, songs, quizzes and even dances. We have the occasional games afternoons. 

So why not come along and join in the fun!!

         The Group meets in the Kirk Hall, Main Street Houston at 2pm

on the dates in the Syllabus.

Come along and join us for tea, coffee and home baking.

Senior's Puzzles