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Saturday 10th May

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                                       The rush is on ----------- 3 weeks till carnival day


Not long now till Houston's premier social event of the year. (For some anyway.) Yes, the Kirk carnival is only 3 weeks away & the wheels are well in motion.

The children's art competition forms are being delivered to our local primary & nursery schools as they return from holiday. Prizes for the primary categories years 1-3 & 4-7 will be Braehead gift cards of £20 for first and £10 for runners up, so well worth winning. There will also be prizes for the best of the nursery entries. So please encourage your children and grandchildren to enter & come along & see their work displayed in the tea room on carnival day. (10th May) Lucky programmes(£1.50) &tearoom tickets (£1.50) will be on sale in your area from today, but if you miss the knock on your door over the next couple of weeks, please don't hesitate to call any of the co-ordinators listed below for help. After all, you wouldn't want to miss out on the opportunity to win one (or more) of the great prizes on offer via the quiz, sudoku or word search competitions or the lucky programme draw. These include Braehead gift cards, meals for two at local restaurants as well as offers of various services from gardening to babysitting etc etc all donated by our advertisers. So make sure you get a lucky programme so you don't miss out on these great opportunities.

As always we need lots of help to make the carnival the success we all hope it will be. So if you can help in any way, please contact the relevant people who will be happy to hear from you.

Norma McBeith (613763) Peter McKerrell (872448) & Joan Andrew (690463) are the people to contact to donate to the plant stall or to pre-order  from the range of bedding, patio, tub plants, small shrubs etc which will be available on the day.

Contact Mary Reid (613770) or Kathryn McCartney (613741) for donations to the white elephant stall, bric-a-brac, china, unwanted treasures etc. Uplift can be arranged if required, but sadly we can't accept electrical goods or large furniture items.

Ina (612962), Kate (613676), or Lorna will be delighted to accept donations for the home baking stall & also rhubarb, tablet, marmalade, jam and all produce  Scottish for the Scottish stall.

Others eager to hear from you & help in any way possible are :- Moira Dunlop (331309) & Jean Mills (614326) for donations & help in the tea room, Isobel Grant (613189) for toiletries & Catherine Green

(690107) will guide you for other stalls such as books & DVDs,bottle stall, tombola, soft toys etc.

Louise(690852) & Elaine (337075), who organize the sale & distribution of of the programmes & tearoom tickets are always happy to hear from anyone who can help out in areas which are currently unmanned.

Finally, Jack McNeill (690488) would be happy to hear from anyone who would be able to help with manning the sideshows on the day, even if only for an hour or so.

And finally,finally, if all else fails contact John Young (613875) or Jim McLaughlin (690070) who will do their best to point you in the right direction.


                          ( All carnival proceeds will go to the Kirk building fund )

Carnival time is drawing near once again & this year our theme is centered around four of the many important events taking place in Scotland this year. The commonwealth games, The Ryder cup, The 700th anniversary of the battle of Bannockburn & the second year of homecoming. So plenty of scope there for all you fancy dressers. (We've steered clear of a certain political event taking place later in the year. In the interests of harmony you understand.)

   Kirk carnival 2014 ~~~~~~~~~~~ 10th May

  Caledonian Capers

Well, it will very soon be carnival time once again and I'm sure we all love a carnival, don't we?

Over the past umpteen years the good people of Houston & surrounding areas have enjoyed many a fun filled day at the Kirk carnival & hopefully this year will be no different. But of course successful carnivals depend heavily on the hard work, enthusiasm & generosity of very many people, so it's time for yet another appeal to you all to please help in any way you can.

If you feel fit & able enough to come along on Friday the 9th or Saturday morning to help get things set up, or to remain behind for a short time after the event to clear up, ( we're always short of bodies then ) your assistance would be greatly appreciated

If you're a keen gardener & can donate some plants or cuttings to the plant stall, Norma Mcbeath (613763) or Peter Mckerrell (872448) would be delighted to hear from you & can arrange uplift if necessary. Similarly if you require help or uplift with any items for the white elephant stall ( no large pieces of furniture or electrical goods please ) Mary Reid (613770) or Kathryn McCartney (613741) will be happy to help you.

There are of course many other stalls which require your generous donations :-  books videos & DVDs, soft toys, tombola, bottle stall, toiletries, jewellery, Scottish produce, home baking, tea room & some I've no doubt forgotten to mention. If you need help or guidance with any of the above please contact the relevant convener or one of the co-ordinators & they will happily help.

So let's make it a date ~~~~~ see you all ( in fancy dress I hope ) on the 10th of May at 12.30 at the church hall and let's make it a great day.

Stall conveners:-  Food stalls:-         Kate Jackson (613676) Ina Jefferson (612962) & Lorna Kinloch
                             Non food stalls:-   Catherine Green (690107)
                             Tearoom:-             Moira Dunlop (331309) Jean Mills (614326)
                            Sideshows:-          Charles Green (690107)

Joint co-ordinators:-  John Young(613875) or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
                                  Jim McLaughlin(690070) or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


          (All proceeds go to Kirk building fund)

                                               Caledonian Capers

                                     Kirk Carnival -------- 10th May

Only days to go now till the big event. Our annual Kirk carnival takes
place on Saturday 10th May. So why not come along & join in the
festivities. You'll find something for everyone in the church halls &
Carrick centre, all the tried & tested favourites plus one or two new
ones to test your skills.

     For the young ones:-
Bouncy Castle
           Giant Slide
           Millennium Maze
           Face Painting .............................And much more

     For the maybe not quite so young ones:-              Beat The
           Play Your Cards Right
           Coconut Shy
           Needle In The Haystack
           Slide-A-Pint...............................And much more

      For Everyone:-                                                    
 Plant Stall
           White elephant
           Home Baking
           Bottle Stall
           Jewellery...................................And much more

    And of course...Relax in the tea room with friends & family.

The fun & excitement starts at 12 noon at the Kirk with the judging of
the fancy dress sections before the parade sets off at 12.15, led by
the brilliant Houston Boys/Girls Brigade pipe band, along Kirk road,
making it's way into Main Street & to the front of the church halls
where the winners of the fancy dress, colouring  & poster competitions
are announced & the prizes presented. The carnival Queen is then
crowned & the carnival declared open.

After that it's time to enjoy the fun at the many stalls & activities, enjoy a cup of tea & some lovely home baking in the tea room and if you're really peckish hamburgers & hot dogs are also available. Just follow the appetizing aroma to find these.

To finish off your day wouldn't it be great if you won one of the many terrific prizes on offer via the carnival programme competitions & draw? If you somehow missed the opportunity to buy a lucky programme, don't worry, entries for the prize draw can be bought on the day at the entries and token stalls. So you could still be a big winner.

So please come along on the 10th, have a great time & support the Kirk carnival.

P.S. Don't forget to pray for a sunny day.

    Are you a gardener? Do you grow your plants from seed? Have you got a little extra room in your greenhouse/on your windowsill? When you sow your seeds this year, see if you can pop in a few extra to donate to the plant stall at the carnival. This stall always does well, and gives us the opportunity to raise much needed funds! Flower, fruit or vegetable plants gratefully received!


*Kirk Carnival Request*
We are collecting empty jam jars so our talented chefs have somewhere to put their tasty preserves and chutneys! If anyone is able to help by washing out and saving their jars we would be very grateful! Anyone who is able to help can either bring the empty jars to church on a Sunday or send a PM to this page so we can arrange for someone to collect them.
Thanks in advance! 
(Don't forget to buy your jars back when they're full of yummy jams! :-D)

"The Scottish Stall"

We would like to make this a bumper stall this year !

Lots of rhubarb, preserves,honey,lemon curd.

Also clootie dumpling,shortbread and tablet.

We are always happy to uplift.

Thanking you all in advance from the Food Convenors.

Ina     612962

Kate   613676

So get the date in your diary ------ 10th of May at the church hall.  See you all there.

Stall conveners:-   Food --            Kate Jackson(613676), Ina Jefferson(612962), Lorna Kinloch(614159)
                             Non food --     Catherine Green(690107)
                              Tearoom --    Moira Dunlop(331309), Jean Mills(614326)
                              Sideshows --  Charles Green(690107)


Carnival Food Stalls

We are always grateful for all your contributions.

This year we would like to make the Scottish Stall even better so are looking for lots of jams, marmalade, lemon curd etc.

Donations of rhubarb are a "must" as it is a very  popular produce.

The tea room and baking stall would welcome any donations. Houston is famous for its home baking!

The bottle stall is extremely popular so please help us to stock it.


Ina  Jefferson     612962

Kate Jackson     613676

Lorna Kinloch