Church Extension

Work started 9th June 2014 on the Church extension.

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Letter from our Minister.


Rev. Donald Campbell

The Manse


24th April 2014

Dear Friends,

                        For the Christian Church the adventurous journey we call Lent, Holy Week and the culmination that is Easter has been travelled for 2014.   It is a journey of ‘highs and lows’ when we think of Jesus’ wilderness temptations,  of the Alleluias ringing out as palm branches are waved vigorously in welcome and cloaks are spread in front of the donkey colt bearing Jesus of Nazareth through the walled gate of Jerusalem.

   The hype must have been mind-blowing, yet the celebratory mood of the crowds was about to swing like a pendulum out of control.  The days that follow are witness to just how the human psyche changes so quickly, from ‘Alleluias’  to ‘Crucify, crucify.’   The future for that small band of followers of Jesus must have been one of total nervous unknown when they witnessed on that Friday their tortured Master nailed to a Cross, die an excruciating painful death before the kindly Joseph of Arimathea removed his broken body for burial.   How low must they have felt?    But the definitive moment for the Christian church was only hours away….   for on the morning after the Jewish Sabbath  the stone no longer covered the tomb…   dawn came with the Resurrection of Christ.

There have been many defining times for the Universal Church, for the Church of Scotland, and for every Christ led community.    These next few weeks are about to become a ‘defining period’ in our village church’s history. Last evening, 23rd April, the Elders and Kirk Session of Houston & Killellan Kirk voted unanimously to accept the budget tender proposed for the Kirk Hall Extension.  Today, meetings were held with two contractors who have drawn up their tender for the project.  A decision on the awarding of the contract will be made after visits by the Steering Group to similar work these building companies have undertaken.  Final Presbytery permission will be sought before the middle of May and the chosen contractor can then begin the groundwork and building process.

By early summer we will all be able to see the hard evidence of the project’s commencement. 

A great deal of effort by a great many people has taken us to the verge of starting the building works.  The Steering group from the Kirk with their professional input, guidance and vision have been extremely thorough in their planning and on-going  execution of the project.  Then there are all the people who have given their support and blessing to the project by monetary donations, fund-raising and ongoing pledges.  The response from the church family has been wonderful, so too from many ‘friends’ of the Kirk in our wider community.  The Church is there for the community, it always has been the Church of Scotland’s philosophy to ensure the spiritual needs are in place for every parish and person and that is what we still strive to achieve. 

Thank you to everyone who has helped our efforts to reach this target, of course there is still much to be done and more money to be raised on the way , if you would like to help our cause please feel free to contact myself.   The Kirk Carnival ‘Caledonian Capers’ will be held on Saturday 10th May.   We again thank you for your wonderful support at this annual event and I hope to meet many of you on the day, please stop me and have a chat or even come to the ‘Splat the Rat’ stall between 2 and 3pm when I am there on duty,..    and please say a wee prayer for some truly warm, sunny weather !

With every blessing,  your friend and Minister,     Donald.

Gift aid manadates back to Elaine Rowan at 40 Hill foot, Houston. PA6 7NS , Standing orders can be forwarded by the individual to their bank or send to Elaine at the above addresss and she will hand it into the relevant bank.

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