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A note for anyone whose circumstances may have changed.

If you no longer pay tax, the church is not allowed to claim gift aid on any givings you make to the church. If this applies to you, could you please let David McLay (our gift aid convenor), John King (treasurer), Irwin Jefferson (WFO convenor) or Jack Mckechnie (finance convenor) know, so that we claim only what is rightfully due.


How to check if you’ve paid enough tax

To work out if you’ve paid enough tax to cover your donations, divide the donation value by four. For example, if you give £100 in a particular tax year you will need to have paid £25 tax over that period. (£100/4 = £25). (Note that this calculation is based on the current basic rate tax of 20 per cent)


If you are a taxpayer and have not yet signed up for gift aid we would encourage you to do so. The church is entitled to receive a supplement of 25% on your givings by making a gift aid claim to the tax authorities for that amount.

This does not affect your tax position in any way.

For further information again please see any of the above named members of the finance team.