Session Meeting Minutes

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At Houston and within Houston and Killellan Kirk, the Kirk Session met at 1030 hrs on Sunday 14th  December  2014 and was constituted in prayer by Rev Donald Campbell, Moderator.

The Kirk Session agreed to ratify the following Safeguarding appointment, following successful recruitment to the PVG scheme, regulated to work with children.

Mrs Margaret Holmes, 6 Birchgrove, Houston   (Girls Brigade).

The proposal was unanimously agreed to.

Rev Donald Campbell                                                                        Mr James McBeath

Moderator                                                                               Session Clerk

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At Houston and within Houston and Killellan Kirk, the Kirk Session met at 1040 hrs on Sunday 7th December  2014 and was constituted in prayer by Rev Donald Campbell, Moderator.

The Kirk Session agreed to ratify the following Safeguarding appointment, following successful recruitment to the PVG scheme, regulated to work with children.

Dr Julie Cree, 3 Manse Crescent, Houston (Sunday Club)

The proposal was unanimously agreed to.

Rev Donald Campbell, Moderator,                                              James McBeath,  Session Clerk.


Date.Page 494


At Houston and within Houston and Killellan Kirk, the Kirk Session met in the Church at 1930hrs on Wednesday 19th November and was constituted in prayer by the Rev Donald Campbell, Moderator.

SEDERUNT/APOLOGIES – The Sederunt book was passed and apologies received.


Election of Elders– following visits to 12 members of the Congregation, Donald confirmed that six have confirmed their acceptance.  The names of these members were notified to the Session and no objections were noted.  It is proposed that an Ordination Service will take place early in the New Year.

Community Council– The Chairman thanked Derek Whittle for agreeing to take on the position as our representative on this Committee for a trial period.

Advertising Signage– Caroline Morrison had investigated the regulations for using signage outside the Church Hall.  Following discussion it was decided not to take this further at the present time.


  • Learn Eldership Book– a copy of this has been received and is available to any Session member who may be interested.
  • Street Lighting– it is hoped that progress will be made following the visit of members of Renfrewshire Council to the area.
  • Data Protection– details of a ‘Webanar’ learning project have been received.  Invitations will be issued to members of the Session who have access to any data which comes under this Act to attend the event but it will also be open to any member who wishes to attend.
  • Festival of Networking– an invitation has been received for up to 3 members to attend.  If anyone is interested please contact Jim.
  • Boys Brigade Battalion Report – Helen gave a summary of the report and congratulated our BB Company on the very favourable report given to them.
  • Society of Church Organists– Mrs Girvan had contacted the Moderator, on behalf of the Society, to request a visit to the Church and the use of our organ. Unfortunately the dates suggested were not suitable. Donald has indicated to her that we would be happy to accommodate their group at another time.


There is no mention of the outbreak of the Great War in 1914 in the Session minutes either of Houston and Killellan or of the West Church.

However, in the Kirk Session minutes of December 1914 it was agreed to compile a Roll of Honour of the members or any others connected with the Kirk who had volunteered at this critical time to go forward to defend their King and Country.

Several attempts were made to compile an accurate Roll of Honour and one of was eventually hung in the Church vestibule around 1920.

In June 1919, the Kirk Session resolved to erect a memorial within the Kirk to members, and sons of members who had given their lives for King and Country during the Great War.  This memorial contains 9 names but none of these are shown in Kirk Session minutes.

The Kirk Session Minutes of 1st October 1921 record that, the Parish War memorial was unveiled by Mrs Hagart Spiers and the inscription contained the names of 22 men belonging tothe Parish who had made the supreme sacrifice (in fact there are only 21 names on the War Memorial for the Great War).

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The names of none of these 21 men, including the 9 men on the Kirk War memorial, are recorded anywhere in Session Minutes. The Session Clerk proposed that their names, already honoured on Remembrance Sunday, be engrossed in the minutes of this meeting.  The Session unanimously agreed to this proposal.


Robert Andrew

Archie Lochhead Barr

Matthew Barr

William Boyd

Alexander Bryce

William Hunter Buchanan

Thomas Bradley

James Campbell

Daniel Dooley

Alexander Ferrier

James Fraser

William Gillan

John Kidd

William Lewis

Donald McIntyre

Dugald McCorkindale

AlexanderScott Addison Watson


Hugh Wilson


Harry Webster,Military Medal


Jim thanked Iain Cameron for undertaking the research of this.


SAFEGUARDING REPORT – Sandra presented a verbal report giving an update on the current standing with regards to the PGV Scheme. 


TREASURER’S REPORT– the report had been previously circulated and there were no questions arising from this.



Property– Norrie intimated there were no major projects at the moment, routine maintenance was been carried out as normal.

Finance– there were no questions arising from the previously circulated report.  Jack highlighted the installation of the new photocopier planned for the following day and indicated that a number of people would be trained on its use.

Mission– report circulated prior to the Meeting. Money donated at the Gift Service will be sent to our Missionary Partners in Mwandi.  New season recipients of retiral offerings will be SAFFA, Erskine (Armistice Sunday) other retiral offerings will be shared between CHAS, Adams Houston, Lodging House Mission and Mwandi.  Barbara Anne and her team had been asked to discuss and make recommendations with regard to the Four Churches together project.  Following discussion the following recommendations were made by the team:-

  • We should – advertise social events taking place and invite members of the congregation to participate and actively share assets e.g. photocopier (if one of theirs is theirs is temporarily out of use)
  • We are – happy to support joint religious services.
  • Bible Bus – more details will be sought re the next visit of the Bible Bus and it was agreed that if appropriate we would be happy to be involved in fundraising for this.

The Session agreed to these proposals and asked Ian and John to take this to the next meeting of the Group.

Pastoral Care Team– Liz Bowie would be happy to receive referrals for this service.

Management – Roll Keeper– there were no questions arising from the previously circulated report.

Media – the 6 month FaceBook trial, agreed by Session, has been completed and Derek and his team are seeking approval that the FaceBook page be continued indefinitely – the Meeting agreed to this unanimously.

Fairtrade– Kay thanked the Kirk Session for their continued support.  The latest event held in the Church Hall on Sunday 26 October 2014, raised the sum of £900.66.


ELDERS VISITS TO ORGANISATIONS– reports circulated prior to Meeting.

  • Boys Brigade– excellent Battalion report as highlighted earlier in the Meeting.
  • Girls Brigade- Allan Dawson had visited on the 10 November and praised the leaders for their work with the girls.  Helen and Sandra raised a number of issues that have come to light since the visit – Catherine Green has intimated her intention to retire and Helen Cameron has notified Donald of her resignation.  Currently there has been little support from the Battalion with regard to staff shortages etc. The situation will continue to be monitored and further help sought for the Unit. Helen and Sandra will update the Session at the next meeting.

Choir Report– new members would be welcomedPage 496


KIRK ANNEXE REPORT – Allan summarised the circulated report and highlighted that it had been agreed that a small team be set up to develop management policies for the Annex. The Committee will include George Ballantyne, John Wilson, Iain Cameron, Ronnie Anderson and Phil Davies. Donald and Jim will be ex officio members.  It has been suggested that a joint event be held to celebrate the opening of the Annexe and the Kirk’s 140th anniversary.  This will be taken forward to our next Meeting.


Fire Evacuation Plan– team leaders are aware of their responsibilities and this information should be passed to their team members.  Thanks to David Fulton for the preparation of the Plan.


Presbytery Reports– no immediate action required to be taken from the reports.


Guild Hamper- £2 from members of the Session to either Helen or Ina please.


Collection at Christmas– see Mission team report.



  • Christmas treewill be erected in the Church on the morning of 5th December – help would be appreciated both with the erection and the decoration.
  • Heather Rowanhas invited us to take part in the Gryffe High School St Andrews Day celebrations by providing a stall to sell shortbread and tablet at lunch breaks over 3 days, the proceeds from the sale would be donated to the Annexe project.  Volunteers to man the stalls and provide items for sale should contact Sandra Griffiths.  Ina will arrange for a notice to be put in the Church notes for Sunday.

Date and time of next Meeting – 21 January 2015 at 19.30 in the Church.

The Moderator closed the Meeting in prayer at 21.15 hrs.

Rev Donald Campbell                                                                                Jim McBeath

Moderator                                                                                                    Session Clerk






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At Houston and within Houston and Kilellan Kirk, the Kirk Session met in the Church Hall at 1930hrs on 26 August 2014 and was constituted in prayer by the Rev Donald Campbell, Moderator.


1. SEDERUNT/APOLOGIES – The Sederunt book was passed and apologies received.




3. MINUTES – Pages 486, 487, 488 and 489 were approved by John Melrose seconded by David Fulton



  • Election of Elders – is ongoing, Donald has spoken to a number of people who have confirmed their acceptance and a number of others have still to be contacted.  This item will be taken forward to the next Meeting.
  • Other matters are on the Agenda



  • Street Lighting – Jim is continuing to correspond with the appropriate departments re the lighting on Kirk Road.
  • Isobel Grant– will receive her 30 year Certificate at the Service on 5 October.
  • Hazel McLean– has submitted a letter of resignation as she is moving to Inverness.  Hazel indicated that she will remain a member of Houston and Kilellan Kirk.  Jim will write on behalf of the Session to thank Hazel for her service and pass onto her our best wishes in her new location.
  • The ‘Learn’ Project– Jim had received information from the Presbytery with regard to this Project for Session Clerks and Elders to be held at Tulliallan from 24 to 26 October at a cost of £140.  If anyone would like more information on this please contact Jim.
  • Charity Reference Numbers on Documentation– new information recently received with regard to this will be checked and the relevant information passed to all concerned. 


6. SAFEGUARDING – Sandra’s report had been circulated prior to the Meeting.  Sandra thanked all of those who had helped with the Starzone days over the summer.  Donald thanked Sandra on behalf of the Session.


The Kirk Session agreed to ratify the following Safeguarding appointment, following successful recruitment to the PVG scheme, regulated to work with children - Mrs Sheila Campbell, 5 Broomfield, Houston – to work with the Anchor Boys.


7. TREASURER’S REPORT– There were no questions arising from John’s previously circulated report.



Gift Aid Convenor– David McLay has intimated his intention to resign from this position.  Jack McKechnie, on behalf of the Sessions thanked David for his commitment in carrying out this role over a number of years.. Susan Findlay will be the new Convenor.

Extension Fund– Jack summarised the current position.

Photocopier – Quotes have been received for a new photocopier which is due to be replaced in October.

Utility Contracts– the Finance Committee continue to investigate and discuss all of the options available when contracts are due for renewal.

Hall Let– We had received an enquiry with regard to the let of one of the upstairs rooms and after discussion it was agreed that the cost would be £5 per hour provided the other hall/halls were in use at the same time.


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Thank you to all who attended to help clear the vestry.


Norrie highlighted a number of tasks that would be progressing in the near future i.e. a new roof on the gas meter box, repainting of the stairs in the Church Hall, cleaning and repainting of the container in the carpark and the resiting of a number of fire extinguishers at the Church and H


b) WORSHIP– Report circulated prior to Meeting.  Belle McNeill has indicated her intention to resign as Convenor.  Donald suggested that the next meeting be held in the Manse at which time the appointment of a new Convenor will be discussed.


c) ORGANISATION AND MANAGEMENT- the Roll currently stands at 669.


10. FIRE REGULATIONS– Helen thanked David Fulton for the preparation of the Fire Emergency Plan  which had been circulated to all Session Members and for providing the training session which was well attended.  There will be a small number of amendments made to the Plan and these will be circulated in due course. Everyone should make themselves familiar with these.


11. KIRK ANNEXE PROJECT– Allan Gilfillan summarised the report previously circulated.  Allan requested the Kirk Session’s permission to apply for the loan of £120,000 with interest at the rate of 5% which had previously been offered by the Church of Scotland. This motion was proposed by Iain Cameron and seconded by George Colquhoun and unanimously agreed by the Kirk Session. The Session Clerk was also authorised to sign the necessary loan documentation.

The Steering Group were asked to discuss at their next Meeting the possibility of contacting those who have not already committed/pledged to the Project and how this could best be undertaken.


12. FUNDRAISING EVENTS – Donald highlighted 2 fund raising events which would be taking place later in the year i.e.

  • Fiddlers Rally  - 29 November
  • Arkelston Singers – 7 December.


13. ORGANIST – Following the rejection of one of the applicants and the withdrawal of the other for this post, Peter McKerrell was once more approached and asked if he would consider taking up the role.  Donald was delighted to announce that Peter has agreed and will officially take up this post on 1 September 2014.


14. REPORT ON THE 4 CHURCHES TOGETHER- Following discussion of the circulated report it was agreed that minor social events, which have to date not been very successful, and were not what was envisaged when the proposal was originally put forward by Presbytery. Therefore Ian and John have been asked to take our proposal to the next meeting ‘ that joint worship events would be a more appropriate way of getting the Churches together’.  Donald thanked Ian for the effort put into the ‘Commonwealth Food Event’ held recently.


15. AOCB:

  • Community Council– a member of the Session to join the Community Council is still being sought, It was stressed how important it was for the Church to have an input on the Community Council.  If anyone feels they could take on this role please let the Minister or the Clerk know.
  • Glass Display Cabinets– Plans for these to be put in the atrium area have been put on hold meantime.
  • Harvest Gifts– the Session were asked for their approval for the gifts to go to the Trusell Trust Local Foodbank and this was given.
  • BB and GB Dedication Service– Due to lack of space the Service has been rescheduled to 1pm on Sunday 14 September.  Numbers for the Remembrance Service will also be restricted.
  • Kilallan Kirk– the restoration work is almost complete and looking well. Donald conducted a ‘Closure Service’ on Friday 22August for a number of invited guests.

Page 492




·     Advertising Signage– the use of signage outside the Church to advertise our Youth Organisations will be discussed by the relevant Committee and their findings brought to the next Meeting.



16. DATES OF SESSION MEETINGS 2014/2015– the following dates have been confirmed:

  • 26 November 2014 at 19.30hrs in the Church
  • 21 January 2015 at 19.30hrs in the Church
  • 18 March 2015 at 19.30hurs in the Church
  • 22 March 2015 – Congregational meeting in the Church after morning service
  • 28 April 2015 at 19.30hurs in the Church Annexe
  • 10 June 2015 at 19.30hurs in the Church Annexe

The Moderator closed the Meeting in prayer at 21.15hrs.

Rev Donald Campbell                                                                 James McBeath

Moderator                                                                                     Session Clerk