Session Meeting Minutes

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At Houston and within Houston and Killellan Kirk, the Kirk Session met in the Killellan Halls at 19.15hrs on Wednesday 24th 2016 and was constituted in prayer by the Rev Donald Campbell, Moderator.  


SEDERUNT/APOLOGIES – The Sederunt book was passed and apologies received.


MINUTES – Pages 541,542,543,544,545, 546 and 547 were unanimously approved – proposed Allan Dawson – seconded Isobel Grant.


MATTERS ARISING –  any outstanding items will be dealt with on the Agenda.



Wedding dates. Following approval from the Session, Donald has agreed to carry out the Ceremonies for two weddings in 2017, subject to the agreement of the Interim Moderator.

The list of visiting Elders to the organisations using the Church and Halls had been circulated prior to the Meeting. Inadvertently, the Choir Elders had not been included – they are Marion Simpson and Helen Lister.

Starzone – the Clerk had been asked by various people to pass thanks to Sandra and her helpers for the very successful Summer sessions.  It was stressed that the work carried out by all involved is much appreciated.

An official letter has been sent to Mr Mark Crichton Maitland informing him of Donald’s retirement.

A letter had been sent to Brenda expressing our sympathy on the death of Dennis.

Recently ordained Elders have been allocated to the following Session teams. - Wendy Workman to Worship, Bill Manley to Mission and Kirsty Johnson to Safeguarding and Youth Ministry.

Hall Keeper/Church officer – This matter will be discussed further by the Halls Management team.

Boys Brigade Build a Brick Appeal – a request to help raise money for the upgrading of the premises at Wallneuk Church had been received.  It was agreed that the appeal would be highlighted at the Service on 4 September and the Congregation would be given the opportunity to donate.

Audio Visual – the Clerk thanked Derek for all the information he had sourced for this project.  It was agreed that as the costs were high, £6000 to £8,000 this would be put on hold until the appointment of a new Minister.  A small projector will be purchased for the use of the Sunday Club.

Plaque – the engraved stone, which was originally donated by Mr Ratcliffe from the oldCraigend House, and has lain flat at the front of the Church since 1972 has now been raised thanks to Adam and his team.  The Session were encouraged to have a look at it.

Vacancy – confirmation is still awaited from Presbytery on the name of our Interim Moderator.  The next meeting of Presbytery is on 13th 22 September when it is hoped this information will be made available.

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SAFEGUARDING - Sandra had circulated her report prior to the Meeting.  The Session were asked to ratify Mrs Shona Farley of 11 Manse Crescent, Houston to help with the Creche – this was unanimously agreed to.  


Girls Brigade – Sandra and Helen updated the Meeting on the current position on the staffing of the Company.  Communication with their headquarters continues but until more officers are sourcedThe help of the Session is sought and if anyone can spare the odd Monday evening to help out, please get in touch with either Sandra or Helen.


TREASURER’S/FINANCE REPORT – There was no finance team report.  Jack summarised the accounts which had not been circulated prior to the Meeting but are now attached, and indicated that although they show a current deficit of £6000 this will reduce when we receive the Gift Aid payment from the Tax office.  We remain within budget.



• Property – Ian’s report had been circulated.  An additional cost had been incurred in the painting of the facia boards at the West Hall and retrospective approval was sought and given for this. Normal cleaning of the Killellan Halls will now commence.  Brookfield Alarms have been out to inspect the alarms at the West Hall.  Donald indicated that the Manse was not checked – Ian will follow up on this.
• Roll Keeper – there was no change to the Roll since the last Session meeting.  The Elders communion envelopes will be available for collection from Sunday 4thSeptember.
• Ministry – the Session agreed that given the timescale involved it would be appropriate to 

admit the new communicants at the morning Communion Service on Sunday 2nd October.

• Grounds – Adam’s reported circulated – Adam and his team were thanked for the tremendous work they continue to do on the grounds.
• Mission – the Gift Service will be on 11 December and the gifts this year will again be passed to Crossreach for distribution to the children of Prisoners.  Caroline is planning a sing-a-long on the 16th December to raise funds for solar lamps for Mwandi.


PROJECT REPORT – Allan summarised his report and indicated that the Steering Group continue to push for resolution of the problems to be carried out as soon as possible.  The cost of alteration to the ramp at the entrance to the Killellan Hall may incur a cost to the Church.


OPEN DOORS – David detailed the plans for the Open Day on Saturday 3 September and sought the help of volunteer’s on the day.



Summer Early Services – a few complaints had been received with regard to the early start, after discussion it was agreed that no action could be taken until we have a new Minister.

Creche – will recommence on Sunday 28th in the downstairs hall.

Tea/Coffee after the Service will also recommence on this date.


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DATE AND TIME OF NEXT MEETING – Thursday 22nd September in Church at 19.15 hours to enable another Session photograph to be taken.  This meeting will also include the celebration of Holy Communion.







Rev Donald CampbellMr James McBeath

ModeratorSession Clerk






Note. Members of the Kirk Session received details of the proposed arrangements for a presentation to Donald and Liz and events to celebrate Donald’s retirement.












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The Kirk Session of Houston and Killellan Kirk met at 1.15pm on Monday 27 June 2016 in Church. The meeting was constituted in prayer by the Rev Donald Campbell, Moderator.

The Session met prior to the Funeral Service of our brother elder Dennis Holdbrook. The Moderator paid tribute to Dennis and asked for our continued prayers and support for his wife, our fellow elder Brenda, and their family.

The Kirk Session were invited to join the family for refreshments after the service.

The Moderator closed the Kirk Session after the service with the benediction at 1400hrs

Rev Donald Campbell                                                                                                James McBeath

Moderator                                                                                                                   Session Clerk


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The Kirk Session of Houston and Killellan Kirk met at 1030hrs on Sunday 26 June 2016 in Church.

The meeting was constituted in prayer by the Rev Donald Campbell, Moderator.

There having been no objections to their life or doctrine the following members named will be ordinated as elders during today’s morning worship:

Wendy Susan Workman, of 16 Gryfebank Close, Houston

Kirsty Jane Johnston, of 6 Leeburn Gardens, Houston

William Peter Manley, 2 Lonend Collages, Houston

Rev Donald Campbell                                                                                 James McBeath

Convenor                                                                                                      Session Clerk


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At Houston and within Houston and Killellan Kirk, the Kirk Session met in the Killellan  Halls at 1930hrs on Thursday 23rd June 2016 and was constituted in prayer by the Rev Donald Campbell, Moderator. 

SEDERUNT/APOLOGIES – The Sederunt book was passed and apologies received.

Dennis Holdbrook – following the sad news of Dennis’s death the Clerk paid the following tribute to him.


On behalf of the Kirk Session and the congregation of Houston and Killellan Kirk , I wish to pay tribute to the life and work of Dennis Holdbrook.

Dennis was ordained as an Elder on 21st September 1980 and, between then and 2014, when he asked to be relieved of his Eldership duties, he worked tirelessly as an Elder in this Parish and beyond.

He took full part in all aspects of our Kirk’s life from Choir membership, Sunday School Superintendent, Bible Class, Kilallan House services, Mission campaigns, , Guild Elder , District Elder and he served on numerous committees of both Board and Kirk Session.

All this work he carried out, in the name of our Lord, with enthusiasm and in a most faithful, meticulous and compassionate manner.

Outwith his Church life, among other things, he carried out invaluable work as Chairman of Houston Primary School Board.

I saw at first hand the work he did there which, in no small way, has helped to enhance the reputation of HPS and he was duly honoured for the outstanding contribution he made to local education.

To the end, Dennis continued to take a great interest in the Kirk’s work.

We will greatly miss his support and his words of advice.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Brenda and all the family at this time.

James McBeath.

MINUTES – Pages 537,538,539,540 were unanimously approved. The Moderator requested an amendment to Page 541which will be actioned.

PAGE 543


Audio Provision in the Killellan Halls – ongoing.

Revision of Organisation Elders – ongoing.


Census – the recent Census taken has been submitted and approved

Life and Work – following the Clerk’s correspondence re the omission of an article in the Magazine re our Extension Project, it has now been confirmed that there will be an item in the July issue.

Entrust Membership – following the Session agreement to deregister from this Tax Credit Scheme we now await an inspection visit to the Killellan Halls.

Photograph – it was agreed that arrangements will be made for a photograph to be taken of the Moderator and the Session.

Thank you - the Clerk thanked George Colquhoun and the serving Elders for their assistance with the arrangements for the recent ‘all age Communion’.

SAFEGUARDING REPORT – the report was circulated prior to the Meeting.  Sandra further reported on the steps being taken to source more help for the Girls Brigade.  It was agreed that a letter should be sent to the Division requesting more help from them – action Sandra, Donald, Jim.

Sunday School Conference ‘For Churches with few or no Children’ - Sandra sought the Sessions agreement to a number of the Sunday Club teachers attending this conference in Edinburgh in September – approved.


Worship – the Moderator requested comments from the Meeting following the recent ‘all age Communion Service’ – it was agreed that this had gone well, it was a well organised, enjoyable, happy occasion.  Feedback will be sought from the Sunday Club and Bible class children as well as their parents.  Arrangements for the Ordination of our three new Elders were discussed.

Mission – Caroline updated the Meeting with regard to the purchasing of solar lamps for Mwandi Mission.  Keith has now requested help in providing solar powered calculators, it was agreed that the Congregation would be given the opportunity to donate to this project.

Property – there was an addition to the report previously circulated – the work will be commencing on the Killellan Hall flooring on Tuesday, Norrie is seeking help to clear the hall on Monday pm. The Moderator had been in touch with the Alarm Company for the halls and progress is now being made to clarify responsibility for the maintenance of the alarm.  A question was raised re the reliability of the Loop System in the Church - this will be checked by requesting users to highlight any problems they have encountered.

Finance – Jack summarised the Accounts and his report and confirmed that the Finance Committee were comfortable with the position as at the end of April 2016.

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Youth Mission – there will be a number of Thursday Starzone sessions during the summer school holidays and Sandra would be glad to hear from anyone who can help. 

O and M – Roll Keeper report circulated and there were no questions arising from this.  The Moderator thanked Irwin for keeping the Records up to date.

PRESBYTERY REPORT – circulated prior to Meeting.  An agenda item for the Presbytery meeting on the 23rd June gave details of Donald’s demission wef 31st October 2016.

CARNIVAL REPORT – Kate Jackson once again on behalf of the Co-ordinators and the Committee thanked everyone for their help, the total amount raised to date is approximately £12,600 and rising.  Jim McLaughlin, Kate Jackson  and the Committee have all agreed to remain in position for next year.  Younger members will be sought for the Committee.  The date for the Carnival next year is 13 May.

EXTENSION REPORT – Allan had nothing further to add to his circulated report other than the work that would be commencing in the Halls on Tuesday.

VACANCY PROCEDURES – the Clerk detailed the procedures which would require to be undertaken during the Vacancy.  The Interim Moderator once appointed would be there to guide us through these procedures.  It was proposed and agreed that a letter should be submitted to the Presbytery Clerk requesting that this appointment be actioned as soon as possible – proposed Roy Anderson seconded Caroline Morrison

The Moderator indicated that he already had a number of Wedding Bookings for the 2017 and he requested the Sessions approval to write to the bridal couples confirming the Church would honour these bookings – approval given.

SESSIONS MINUTES FROM 1936 – the Clerk provided an informative and entertaining summary of the Minutes of this time.


AED – has now been purchased a cost less than previously indicated to the Session, the majority of the funding was raised by the Social Committee, a donation was also received from Beaton Bros.  The AED has now been fitted in the downstairs hall area of the Killellan Halls.  Kate and Sandra will run a short training course on Wednesday 29th June at 7pm for anyone interested.

Four Churches Together – Kate and Sandra had previously agreed to attend the next meeting of the group but have as yet not been given a date.  The Moderator indicated that there has been a communication problem with regard to the date of the last meeting but as soon as the next date is available he will confirm it to them

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OPEN DOORS DAY – it was agreed that we would take part in this Annual event, which this year is scheduled for the 3 and 4th of September.  David Fulton our co-ordinator for this event has suggested that as the Saturday was successful last year this should be our chosen day again.  A number of issues were raised with regard to the information leaflets available in the Church and these will be addressed before the event.  Volunteers are required on the day and David would be grateful if you hear from anyone who can help.  The Moderator thanked David for organising the Church’s participation in this venture.

KILALLAN KIRK SERVICE – will be on Sunday 3rd July.  The Kilallan bell will be rung on Sunday 26th June and Sunday 3rd July.  A letter will be sent to Mark Crichton Maitland informing him of Donald’s demission and requesting that 2 members of the Church are appointed to the Kilallan Committee.

DENNIS HOLDBROOK’S FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTS – the Session will meet in the Killellan Halls at 1.15 on Monday 27th June.

ADAMS’S HOUSE – May Griffin gave details of a number of items which had been raised at their recent Committee meeting including a request for volunteers for the Sunday Worship Rota, and a Newsletter which is going to be sent to every Church.

CHRISTIAN AID – Caroline thanked everyone for their help during the recent collection and indicated that to date the sum raised was over £5000.

DATES OF NEXT MEETING:  it was agreed that the Session would meet monthly leading up to Donald’s demission in October – the provisional dates are 10 or 24 August, September to be confirmed, 2 October (Communion) and the 18 October.

Date and time of next Meeting 10 or 24 August 2016.

The Moderator closed the Meeting in prayer at 21.30hrs.

Rev Donald Campbell                                                                        Mr James McBeath

Moderator                                                                               Session Clerk


 Page no 541.

The Kirk Session of Houston and Killellan Kirk met at 1030hrs on Sunday 12th June 2016 in Church.

The meeting was constituted in prayer by the Rev Donald Campbell, Moderator.

The Minister said that 3 members of the congregation has accepted an invitation to become ruling Elders of Houston and Killellan Kirk.


 Wendy Susan Workman of 16 Gryfebank Close, Houston

Kirsty Jane Johnston of 6 Leeburn Gardens, Houston

William Peter Manley, 2 Lonend Collages, Houston.

The Kirk Session agreed that the service of Ordination and Admission would take place in church on Sunday 26th June at 1100hrs.

An edcit will be served in church today and next Sunday to the effect that,  if any member of the congregation has an objection to the life and doctrine of any or all of the above proposed Elders,  this may be given in at a meeting of the Kirk Session to be held not less than 7 days after the serving of the intimation.

The KIRK SESSION were advised on the arrangements for the All Age Sacrament of Holy Communion that was being held at the 11am Service on the 12th June.  The Bible Class and older Sunday Club children and their teachers would participate in the Sacrament by assisting in the serving of the bread and wine.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 1040hrs.

Rev Donald Campbell,                                                                  James McBeath,

Moderator                                                                                      Session Clerk.


  PAGE  533

At Houston and within Houston and Killellan  Kirk , the Kirk Session met at 1030 hrs on Sunday 14 February 2016 and was constituted in prayer by Rev Donald Campbell, Moderator.

Being satisfied as to the life and doctrine of the following persons, the Kirk Session agreed, by resolution, to the admission of:

Kay Hunter 

Leath Harvey 

Lucinda Logan

Charlotte MacLeod

Kirsty Fowler

Suzanne Sime

Ewan Sime

Proposed by Irwin Jefferson and seconded by Ina Jefferson.

Al Shurooq School for the Blind–  the ladies going on the Pilgrimage had organised a very successful ‘Ladies Night’ and raised the sum of £1670 for the school.  Further donations received from the Guild, the Anchor Boys and two private donations brought the total to £2120. It was proposed that the Church would make the total up to £2500, which the Meeting unanimously agreed to.

Rev Donald Campbell                                                                        Mr James McBeath

Moderator                                                                               Session

ClerkPage 532

At Houston and within Houston and Killellan Church, representatives of the Kirk Session met on Sunday 7th February 2016 at 10.30 hours, the Meeting  was constituted in prayer by Rev Donald Campbell

Safeguarding- following successful recruitment to the PVG Scheme, the Session approved the appointment of:

Mr Grant Cadden – 26 Houstonfield Quadrant (BB Pipe Band)

Mrs Janice Anderson – 6 Speirs Road, Houston (Congregational children’s helper).

Mrs Moira Dunlop – 18 Netherburn Avenue, Houston (Congregational children’s helper).

Rev Donald Campbell                                                                                    Mr James McBeath

Moderator                                                                                           Session Clerk



Date:-PAGE 529

At Houston and within Houston and Killellan Kirk, the Kirk Session met in the West Halls at 1930hrs on Tuesday 26 January 2016 and was constituted in prayer by the Rev Donald Campbell, Moderator. 

SEDERUNT/APOLOGIES – The Sederunt book was passed and apologies received.

MINUTES – Pages 523,524,525,526,527 and 528 were unanimously approved.


·       Revised Communion arrangements ongoing – Action Jim, George and Donald

·       Purchase of Defibrillator – to date the sum of £450 has been raised towards the cost.

·       Children at Communion – on hold at the moment and will be taken forward to a later meeting.

·       Citizen’s Theatre Group Divided City Project involving Houston Primary and St Fillans Primary will now be held I the West Hall and not in the Killellan Halls as previously proposed.


·       A letter has been sent to Mrs Margaret Greenlaw to express our sympathy following the problems she had encountered during the recent flooding.

·       A letter of thanks has been sent to our organist and choir thanking them for their participation at the Dedication and Opening ceremony.

·       We have been invited to send representatives to a Commitment of Faith Conference at Burnside Blairbeth Church on 13 February – 2 of our Sunday Club teachers have agreed to attend and the Session approved a proposal to pay their fees (£10 each).

·       Information re the proposed Elders Training Course at Tulliallan on the 29/30 April has been received which will be circulated to the Session – action Session Clerk

·       A delegate is required for the ‘Go for It Conference’ in Greenock on 23 February – information will be circulated to the Session – action Session Clerk

·       Congregational Statistical Report – we had been selected as one of the Churches to trial the report, and the Clerk highlighted some of the information required.

·       Easter Services 21-25 March – duty Elders will be notified of the date they are covering.

·       We have been invited by St Machars Ranfurly to send a representative to the retirement Service of Suzanne Dunleavy on 31st January – Ian Jackson will attend

Safeguarding/Youth Ministry

Helen invited questions from Sandra’s previously circulated report.  The Session members who had attended the recent Safeguarding Training agreed that our thanks should be passed to Sandra, as we are now aware of how much work is involved in carrying out her duties as Safeguarding Officer.

Helen requested the Sessions’ approval to discontinue the meetings between Session representatives and the Girls and Boys Brigade.  The problems which initiated the setting up of this group have now been rectified and it is felt that any problems arising can be dealt with if/when they arise – the Session agreed to this.

PAGE 530


Treasurer’s Report – Jack summarised the previously circulated accounts which showed a good overall result for the year.  The Moderator thanked Jack and the Finance Team for their continuing support.  It was agreed that any surplus from this year’s Carnival would to passed to the Annexe Fund.

Team Reports:

Worship – Caroline requested that the information re alcoholic wine at Communion be printed in each edition of the Record.  Food allergies of those taking Communion were discussed and will be followed up at a later meeting.

Property – Norrie and Iain Cameron had prepared a report with regard to a number of errors in the Quinquennial Property report and this will be submitted to Presbytery. An update on the current repairs to leaks in the Church roof was given.  Ian Gray informed the meeting that all was going well with current Contract cleaners and the present regime would continue.  The boiler in the West Hall has been repaired.  Adam requested that something be done about the cobwebs in the halls – this is in hand.

Mission –  The Jam Trust (Jesus and me) a charitable organisation in East Kilbride, are issuing free of charge, a CD titled Cracking Open Easter and Caroline suggested that we could obtain a supply of these which could be circulated to the congregation.  Caroline will follow up on this and request a suitable quantity to be distributed in Church but not along with the Church Record as suggested as this is not practical.  Information will be published in the Church notes and on the web site in the 2 weeks prior to Palm Sunday.  A donation will be given to the Trust for the supply of the CDs.

O and M:

·       Roll Keeper Report – circulated prior to meeting

·       4 Churches together- Ian updated the Meeting re the plans and our requirements for monetary support and volunteers for the visit of the Bible Bus.  The next meeting of the Committee will be on 10 March in the Killellan Hall.

·       Social Committee – have a number of events planned and these will be published in the near future.

Extension Project – Allan updated the Meeting on the current problems being experienced with the flooring in the lower Killellan Hall and the actions which were being taken to rectify the problem.  Allan thanked everyone for their help in our fundraising efforts to date and hoped for their continued support.

New Elders – at a previous meeting Elders were asked to submit the names of anyone they thought suitable for the Eldership, to date only 3 people has responded. Please submit your suggestions to Donald or Jim before the next meeting.

Kirk Session Minutes – the Clerk has been archiving old Minutes before their submission to the National Archives and highlighted to the Meeting some of the more interesting extracts.


PAGE 531


Organ Recital will not go ahead as planned on the 6th February due to a scheduling problem by the organisers.  Proposed alternative date is 5 March which has still to be confirmed.

Kirk Postie Charity –the proceeds from the Postie this year had been donated to the charity ‘Renfrewshire Christmas Lunch’. This very successful lunch was held in the Holiday Inn at Glasgow Airport and appreciated by those attending.  Iain Cameron informed the Meeting that it is possible to nominate appropriate people to attend and this may be something we may want to consider in the future.

Street Lighting on Kirk Road – the Clerk has been requested to continue to follow this up.

Disabled Car Parking at Front of Church – a request had been received re the possibility of marking off dedicated disabled parking slots at the front of the Church.  As the ground belongs to Renfrewshire Council this will have to be discussed further – action – O and M team.

Carnival – this year the theme is Star Wars ‘may the 14th go with you’.  The usual help would be very much appreciated.  All volunteers will be made very welcome.  Maggie Deans has taken over the Programme Marketing previously held by Kay Farley.  The Moderator thanked Jim McLaughlin and Kate Jackson for taking over the Co-ordinators roles at very short notice.

Killellan Halls Let – can anyone wishing use of the halls please get in touch with Ina in the first instance?

The Clerk has been asked to write to the Rev Dr John Thomson and his wife Marlene and to pass on our best wishes for a speedy recovery for their son Stephen.

Date and time of next Meeting – Wednesday 2nd March 2016

The Moderator closed the Meeting with the Benediction at 21.00 hours.

Rev Donald Campbell                                                                                    Mr James McBeath

Moderator                                                                                           Session Clerk