Session Meeting Minutes

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At Houston and within Houston and Killellan Kirk, the Kirk Session met in the Church at 19.30 hours on Wednesday 23 April 2014 and the meeting was constituted in prayer by Rev Donald Campbell, Moderator.


SEDERUNT/APOLOGIES– the Sederunt book was passed and apologies received.


MINUTES– Pages 473, 474, 475, 476 and 477 were approved – proposed by Roy Anderson, seconded by Allan Dawson.


4 CHURCHES TOGETHER – Ian Jackson highlighted a number of items from the Minutes of the previous Meeting of the Group.  In particular,  the proposed ‘Commonwealth Food Event’.  Ian raised concerns with regard to the planning of this event and asked for help and advice – Moira Dunlop and Jean Mills will liaise with Ian to discuss.


Ian and John are looking for input from the Session as to how we want to go forward with the 4 Churches Project – this item will taken forward to our next Meeting.



Prospective Elders– to date very little response has been received from the Session, it was agreed that this would be taken forward to the Meeting on the 10th June to allow Elders time to make their suggestions.



  • The Session Clerk has passed correspondence received to the appropriate Committees to deal with.
  • The Rev John Thomson who was our Minister from 1978 to 1988 is retiring from the Ministry and it was agreed that a card should be sent from the Session to convey our best wishes.
  • Cards will also be sent to Elsa and Alex Buchanan and Brenda and Dennis Holdbrook to congratulate them on their recent anniversaries.
  • An email had been received from the Civil Contingencies Services Renfrewshire, requesting the use of the Church Halls in the event of an emergency situation.


HOLY WEEK SERVICES– thanks were passed to Donald for the very uplifting services given by him over the week.  Thanks also to Kirk Creations for the flower arrangements.


RESIGNATION – Gordon Jackhas intimated his regret that he will be resigning from the Session due to other commitments.   Our thanks will be passed to him for his previous service.



Following successful recruitment to the PVG scheme, the Session agreed to the ratification of those listed below:

  • Mrs Catriona Elisabeth Connelly (behind the scenes and crèche)
  • Mr John Duncan McFarlane (BB)
  • Mr Michael James Bonner (BB)

Starzone – it is with regretSandra indicated that we are looking for a new leader for Starzone following the resignation of Carey due to work commitments. Carey has been an excellent leader and will be missed by the children and the helpers.  Sandra and Helen have contacted a few people who may be interested but would be grateful to receive any other suggestions for a replacement.


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  • Choir Report circulated – no matters arising from this.
  • BB Junior Section – the Session agreed the appointment of Stuart Wilbond as the new Officer in Charge of the Junior Section.  Stuart had previously been an Officer in the 44th Glasgow for over 20 years and has been an officer in Houston for the past three years.  A question was raised as to whether there were in fact enough trained Officers in the section and it was agreed that the visiting Elders would confirm the numbers.



  • Property– Norrie summarised a number of repairs which had been and are ongoing in both the Church and the Manse.  The piano tuner, on his last visit had indicated that both the pianos in the Church Halls were virtually useless.  Tuning costs are currently £300 per year; reconditioned replacements would cost approximately £700 each.  Norrie proposed that we discard both pianos and use the electronic keyboard which we already have – the Session agreed to this.  It was also agreed that the other musical equipment in the attic should be sold and the proceeds given to the GB to whom the instruments belong.
  • Mission– Barbara Ann indicated that there had not been enough interest shown in the Heart and Soul event in Edinburgh to make hiring a coach feasible.  It was suggested that perhaps use could be made of the new BB mini bus and this will be investigated.
  • Worship– are still investigating the proposal to visit other Churches, it was suggested that if they are carrying out these visits it would be courteous to let the Minister of the Church know in advance.  The Sunday Club to arrange a Family Service, date to be arranged.  Worship team will lead the Service on 7 September 2014.
  • O and M– the Roll Keepers reported had been previously circulated and there were no questions arising from this.  Donald thanked Irwin for providing this report as it was very useful.


TREASURER’S REPORT – there were no questions arising from the previously circulated Accounts or Report.


FINANCE REPORT– Jack indicated that it had been agreed that the BB capitation fees would be paid by the Church.  Gas supply contracts due for renewal, investigations are ongoing. Photocopier lease is due up in October – Jack and Norrie are taking this forward.


IBM Grant– Jack is seeking the names of anyone who worked for IBM or receives a pension from them, as it would appear that there are Grants available that we could perhaps access if we had a sponsor who fitted either of the categories above. 


ELECTION OF PRESBYTERY ELDER AND REPORT– Roy Anderson indicated that he was prepared to stand for re-election – this was agreed to unanimously.

There were no questions arising from the Presbytery Report.


ORGANIST/CHOIR MASTER – Helen updated the Meeting on this.  The Committee dealing with this agreed that the advert placed in Life and Work and been a ‘bit wordy’ and may have put prospective candidates off.  A shorter advert will be placed in a later issue of Life and Work.  It was felt that it was not appropriate to place an advert in the Glasgow Herald because of the cost.

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KIRK ANNEXE PROJECT REPORT – the report prepared by Allan Gilfillan and circulated prior to the Meeting was discussed at length and questions raised were answered by Iain Cameron and Jack McKechnie, in Allan’s absence.


The Steering Group sought and were given unanimous approval of the following:

  1. The Increased budget of £690,000 – proposed by Roy Anderson, seconded by Irene McLaughlan.
  2. The use of a further £40,000 if required from Church Funds – proposed John Young, seconded Malcolm McGadie
  3. To proceed to contract on the basis that the total sum at risk does not exceed £620,000.  Any increase on the above is to be approved by Session together with the funding basis – proposed by Gillian Peters, seconded by Fiona Rodgers.


HEALTH AND SAFETY – it had been agreed that David Fulton would present his Emergency Plan for the evacuation of the Church in the event of a fire.  Due to the time limitations at the Meeting it was agreed that David’s report would be circulated to all members of the Session and Fire Warden Training offered to the Team Leaders which could be cascaded to their teams.  The training will also be available to any Session Member who wished to take part.  Dates for training to be arranged.


AOCB - no further business.


Date and time of next Meeting  - Tuesday 10 June 2014 at 7.30pm in the Church Hall.


Rev Donald Campbell                                                               Mr James McBeath

Moderator                                                                                 Session Clerk