Session Meeting Minutes


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At Houston and within Houston and Killellan Kirk, the Kirk Session met in the Church at 1930hrs on Wednesday 18 March 2015 and was constituted in prayer by the Rev Donald Campbell, Moderator. 


SEDERUNT/APOLOGIES – The Sederunt book was passed and apologies received.


MINUTES – Pages 499, 500, 5001 and 502 were unanimously approved.


MATTERS ARISING – will be dealt with throughout the Meeting.



·        Derek Whittle was confirmed as the Session’s nominated delegate to the General Assembly.  The Sessions best wishes were passed to both Derek and Donald.

·        Thanks were given to Norrie Cochran for presenting our records to Presbytery.

·        This year is the 50th anniversary of Linwood Parish Church and a congratulations card was circulated for signing. In addition it was subsequently agreed that a gift of value £200 should also be purchased.

·        Learn Eldership Books – will be issued to our new Elders as this is now the local training option.

·        A summary of the Moderator’s visit will be minuted.

·        Thanks passed to the Guild for their very generous donation of £2000 to the Kirk Annexe Fund and £1900 to the General Fund.



·        Hazel Gilfillan who has been our liaison with Keith and Ida over a number of years has taken the decision to stand down.  Donald thanked Hazel on behalf of the Session and Congregation for the wonderful job she has done and passed our best wishes to her.  Caroline Morrison has agreed to take over this role.

·        Donald had received an email from Keith and Ida informing him that the harvest has failed and highlighted the problems this would cause.  Caroline reported on a number of issues and proposals that are ongoing in an effort to help relieve these new problems and also the historical ones. The Session agreed to helping towards the cost of sending a crate of suitable items to the Mission at an appropriate time.


SAFEGUARDING REPORT– the report had been circulated and there were no questions arising from this.  Volunteers are still being sought to help on a rota basis with the Girls Brigade.   An Elders’ Safeguarding Training is scheduled for 24th March, Elders who have not already attending a training are encouraged to do so.  Further details available from Sandra.


TREASURER’S REPORT– the report circulated prior to the Meeting was summarised by John.  The accounts were successfully audited on 10 March 2015 and these will be converted to the OSCR.  John wished to pass his thanks once again to Mr Graeme Finnie for his continued help and support.


FINANCE REPORT– further to the report circulate prior to the Meeting, Jack informed us that the outstanding Gift Aid payment from HRMC has now been received.  The rent arrears from the external user should be made in the near future.  Jack highlighted a correction to the proposed cleaning budget figure.


Agreement to the Accounts was proposed by Mr Allan Gilfillan and seconded by Mr Iain Cameron.


PRESBYTERY REPORTS– these had been circulated prior to the Meeting.  Mrs Caroline Morrison requested that a more detailed report should be provided.


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·        Property – a new PC certificate is required for the Manse.  In the week prior to Communion the carpets and floor boards in the aisles were lifted to allow the laying of gas and water pipes and electricity cables to the Annexe, thanks to all who helped.  Due to a number of issues it is expected to be a busy time between now and the next Session Meeting.  Ian Gray (new Assistant Property Convenor) is looking at prices to repair the tarmac at the West Halls.

·        Grounds – report circulated prior to Meeting.  Adam added that landscaping work would be started on completion of the Annexe Project and would appreciate help with this from any volunteers.  Adam’s team is quite depleted and would very much appreciate some additional members, please get in touch with him if you are able to help.

·        Mission– Mwandi as previously discussed

·        Media – no report.

·        Fairtrade- Kay had recently taken part in the Fairtrade ‘bake off’ in Paisley Town Hall, unfortunately she was not quite the winner but was a very gallant loser.  Kay has also been invited to join Renfrew Council Steering Group for Fairtrade and hopes to get to a meeting in the near future.  There are plans to have Fairtrade Recipes in the Church Magazine.

·        Social Committee– had organised a very successful Quiz in aid of the Annexe Project.  The next event will be the Easter breakfast.  A performance from a Rock Choir is planned for June.

·        Pastoral Care– no report

·        Boys Brigade/Girls Brigade– Helen met with representatives of the Boys Brigade who listed a number of issues they were having with regard to the Church Halls.  Helen has passed their comments to the appropriate Committees for their attention.  There was no representative from the Girls Brigade at the meeting.

O & M

·        4 Churches Together– the Linwood Parish Minister had intimated that she was not happy with the status of the project and has requested a meeting with the other Ministers to discuss how to take this forward.

·        Roll Keeper– there were no question re the report.


DATA PROTECTIONACT 1998– Jim McBeath updated the Session on the current position and indicated that our Data Protection policy document will be presented for approval at the next Session meeting.


ANNEXE STEERING GROUP REPORT – Allan summarised his previously circulated report.


HALLS MANAGEMENT TEAM– No questions arose from the circulated report.  Allan Gilfillan asked for clarification on when a full report with recommendations would be made, quoting an extract from page 500 of the previous Minute.  Iain Cameron answered on behalf of the Committee.


After giving a brief history of why we were reverting to calling the current Church Halls the ‘West Halls’, Jim McBeath informed the meeting of the Committee’s recommendation that the new Annexe halls should be called the ‘Killellan’ Halls – the Session unanimously agreed to this. 


The Committee have been looking into furniture options for the new halls and had on display a chair which the Committee were recommending.  Following discussions and questions the Session confirmed their agreement to the Committee’s choice.


MODERATOR’S VISIT – on Saturday 14 March, the Right Reverend John Chalmers together with his wife Liz and members of the Steering Group and the Halls Management Team, visited our Church Annexe Project.  The Moderator was very impressed with the progress of the project and congratulated all of those involved. The Moderator presented us with a gift of a ‘Dove of Peace’ which he had commissioned.  After the visit to the Annexe everyone adjourned to the West Halls to join members of the Congregation for lunch.  All of those who met the Moderator and his wife were struck by their friendliness and it is hoped they will be able to join us at the dedication of the finished project. Gifts from the Kirk Session and congregation were presented to Mr and Mrs Chalmers.


CARNIVAL HAMPERS– members were asked to ensure that they remembered to give their donation towards these.

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SESSION LUNCH – Mission team will take this forward..


AOCB – there were no further item for discussion.


Date and time of next Meeting - 22 March 2015 – Annual Congregational Meeting after morning worship.


Date and time of next Session Meeting – Tuesday 28 April.


The Moderator closed the meeting with the Benediction at 2115hrs



Rev Donald Campbell                                                                                 Mr James McBeath

Moderator                                                                                                     Session Clerk