Indonesia’s Must Visit Places Here!


What do you expect from the tropical countries? The beach or the islands and the culture? You will get them all in Indonesia. There is so many amazing place to visit in Indonesia. You should not skip them if you want to visit Indonesia someday. Do not worry, the Indonesian people are so nice and will give you the best guide.

The Several Recommended Places In Indonesia You Must Visit

If you love to see the beauty of mountains, you will see the best places such as Bromo. If you want to see the blue sea with the best white sand; you could visit Bali or Lombok. Then, if you love the culture of Indonesia, you even can visit all of the places there. Indonesia has the richest cultures!

So, what are the amazing place to visit in Indonesia? You can see the several specific places as the following:

  1. Bali

Here, you will get to know the beautiful culture and the amazing natural places, forest, and beaches. You will see the village as well.

  1. Yogyakarta

You will find palace and many temples here. You will love to see the culture of Javanese people here. Do not skip this place, because local people also love this place so much!

  1. Bromo

You will see the mount Bromo with its beauty not when sunrise or sunset only. You will see the blue flame from the Ijen as well.

So, do you need more explanation about the places above? If you love the different culture of other countries; you should visit this Indonesia. You will find many temples in different places and islands. The beaches are so amazing anywhere.

Well, do you need more information? You may get it here: amazing place to visit in Indonesia. Thus, that is all. I wish you will have so much fun and new experiences in this beautiful and nice country. That is all.