Is Egg Good For Health?


Some of you might ever hear about egg diet. You need to eat some eggs to let your body in good shape. However, some facts also found that too much egg intake is not good for health. So, which is the true one? Actually, the egg has more protein which is good for your health. Moreover, there are an also so many benefits that can be taken from consuming enough eggs.

The Benefits Of Consuming Eggs

If you really love to eat eggs, so lucky you. There are a lot of benefits that you take from consuming eggs, like:

  • Fulfill Your Vitamins Intake

Although egg is not the type of fruit or vegetable, it still rich in the vitamin. In an egg, there are vitamin B2, vitamin A, vitamin B12, and vitamin E. All of this kind of vitamins have good benefits for your health like for energy and reducing dangerous damage.


  • Help to Lose Your Weight

There is a new trend about egg diet. In fact, the egg will help to limit your calorie intake every day. That is why it is good for your diet. By consuming egg, you will get 400 calories and still enough for your calories intake. It means that you will lose around three pounds for a month.


  • Prevent Cancer

In certain research, it found that eggs can prevent breast cancer in the adult. Moreover, the egg yolks are effective to reduce the breast cancer more than 24%. If you can take only two eggs in a day for the breakfast menu, so you will be prevented from the chance of breast cancer.

Besides these three benefits of consuming eggs, there are other more benefits from this kind of food. However, you have to make sure that don’t let yourself get excessive eggs intake. Any kind of excessive thing is not good.