Let’s Create Your First Comic


Recently, reading a comic become a popular hobby for several people. In the comics, you can see a lot of interesting stories and mostly fictions. Besides buying so many series of comics, you can read comics online. The money you spent to buy comics is not cheap. It is better if you read it from the website you like.

There are several people who are addicted to reading comics. If you are one of them, you will think that if you create a comic, it will be so satisfying. Creating a comic is quite easy, but you must have a great imagination to order a whole story on it. There are several simple tips for you who want to create a comic on your own.

Basics Of Making A Comic

If you want your creation to become an object for people who read comics online, follow the tips below to create your own comic.

Set an interesting concept of your story. In this step, find your themes or issues that you know well. You don’t have to tell your own story in the comic, but you have to know well what stories you want to tell. First, make a premise from the story, then make some synopsis point of them.

Create several characters. At least you have three characters to support the story. The characters divided into three types, black char, grey char, and white char. It means, black becomes an antagonist, grey becomes whether antagonist or protagonist, white becomes the protagonist.

Making some drafts of the comic is important. Draw several types of story draft for your comic. Choose the best one from them, then draw the full version with color and shading. If you are in Asia, the best type of comic is anime.

Now, let’s create your own comics then post it on a website. It will be such a pride if your comic becomes an object for people who read comics online.