Natural Fruit Benefits, Healthy, and Beautiful Skin


One of an important thing to consider in life is health. Many people think that health is number one compared to all aspects of life. Our body must be kept healthy. One of the tips is by taking care of our skin. Many things can be done to keep our skin healthy. There are some people who choose to do treatments that require a lot of money. But there are other ways we can do to take care of our body without spending much money. One of the tips is to consume fruits. Fruits contain highly nutritious compounds for skin health and beauty.

Consumption of This Two Fruits, for the Skin Benefit

Compared with skin care that requires a lot of money, we better to do a more natural and healthy way. This natural way does not cost a lot of money, we just need to buy fruits. Well, in this article will be described two well-known fruit that is very nutritious for skin health and beauty. The first fruit is watermelon. Fruit with a very high water content is proved beneficial for the skin. The high water content in watermelon makes our skin becomes more elastic, watermelon also consists of nutritious components such as antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. The second fruit is tomatoes. This round red fruit contains compounds which are very useful for our skin. One of the compounds in tomato is lycopene, lycopene makes our skin more resistant to the sun rays. It is well known that sunlight during the daytime contains UV and bad radicals. This element is not good for the health of our skin, free radicals and UV will damage the quality of our skin.

With the presence of this lycopene compound, we can nourish our body from the inside, which will nourish our outer skin as well. This tomato fruit has other functions as well as to prevent the effects of sunlight. Another function is to prevent the aging process, our skin will be helpful to appear more youthful.