Maintain Your Stamina While Travelling


Traveling is the best way to refresh our brain from daily life. Sometimes after doing a long trip travel, you will get a high-level of tired and drain your whole stamina. The lack of doing some sports in your daily activity is one of the reason. Doing a little workout before breakfast time is important to strengthen your stamina.

Stamina can be obtained by routinely doing sports. For example, you can see athletes who are doing work out every day, they would not be easily tired. Because they always training to strengthen their stamina. The same case for you who want to do a long trip travel.

How To Enjoy Your Travelling?

While you are traveling with your friends or family, lack of stamina can change the moods of doing it. Prepare your body to face the journey properly, so you will enjoy your nice trip. There are some tips for you to maintain your stamina while you are traveling.

  1. Lift Up Your Feet

It does not literally lift your feet high up, but while you are sleeping, positioning your feet a little high from your body. Use your bag or pillow to lift up your feet. Doing this step for 20 minutes can smoothen your blood flow on your feet.

  1. Soak Your Feet in a Warm Water

This step is an easy way to restore your stamina. If the hotel you spent has a water heater facility, use it to warm your feet after doing a journey. But if there is no water heater, you can ask for a hot towel and use it to wipe your feet.

  1. Consume More Mineral Water

Traveling for days needs extra liquids in our body. Make sure you got enough water while doing a long journey because most of the stamina comes from your mineral water. When your liquid elements in your body got enough portion, your body can always be active and can serve the best quality of it.

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Getting a Job in Malaysia from This


If you have a dream to work in certain place; you should try to make it true. Well, job Malaysia information here will be the first step for you who want to work in Malaysia. I will give you the trusted information about the job vacancies and the website page! So, do you want to know more? See the information as the following.

How to Get a Job in Malaysia Easily with this Website Page

I will tell you the link to the website page later in the last paragraph. So, here I will tell you the reasons and why you need this link. If you want to work in Malaysia and get the best job; you should know the trusted source of trusted information.

Job Malaysia is varied. You could choose based on your skill, your education, the salary you want and the experiences you have got. You could get those options easily in the website page I will tell you. Here are more reasons why you need the link to get a job in Malaysia:

  1. There are several options for choosing the job vacancies. You may choose based on your education, the type of job, the category of job and so on.
  2. You also could find the job based on the salary.
  3. There are urgently needed job information as well. It is really big chance to get the job fast.
  4. There are so many job vacancies over there.

So, do you want to visit the website page now? You should make sure your preparation to apply the resume is done. Therefore, you are ready to apply them all to the companies you want. You will get the link below.

Click this link: job Malaysia to visit the website page and get your dream job. Make it come true now! Ok, that is all and I wish you are lucky to get the job soon.

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Sortie En Mer; Drowning In Middle Of Ocean


Have you ever heard about Sortie En Mer? So many people already experienced this game as well. You need to get Sortie En Mer download on your PC to know more about how extreme and thrilling this game is. Besides the attractive concept, there are also some reasons why you have to try this game.

Why You Have To Download Sortie En Mer

Some of you might not have heard about Sortie En Mer. This game is an FMV game which has a high quality of the graphic. You will not only find animated graphics but also real 3D graphic. For your consideration before getting Sortie En Mer download on your PC, you just need to know about the tremendous plot that it has.

Sortie En Mer starts on the yachts where you can find another sailor named Julien. However, in the middle of the ocean, the yacht is attacked that make you drowned in the sea. From your point of view, you will in the sea and try to float. That is why this game is called as drowned simulation since you will be drowned in this game. Then, you will see Julien try to survive as well. He tries to leave his shoes and end up with to get cold and numb. In the end, you will die as well as Julien. That is why this game is nearly impossible to win. However, the dramatic plot will appear along the survival in the sea.

The Best Recommendation To Download Sortie En Mer

Are you curious about this game? Just go download Sortie En Mer and play it on your PC. For the best recommendation, you can find the Apk on However, this game is only compatible with PC so far so you cannot play it on your mobile device. On the other hand, the graphic of this game is not disappointing.

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The Only Way to Download Printer Driver


Are you looking for a website where you can download printer driver for free and original? Here’s the link. With that link, you can use your printer once you download the driver that compatible with your printer. The way to download the driver is easy. You just need to find the one that matches to your PC. You can search it in the search bar and you can find what you want.

After you get the right printer driver, all you have to do is just click ‘Download’ and wait for a while. The downloading process will begin. The file will be in ‘Download’ folder on your PC once the printer driver is downloaded.

How to Install Printer Driver

In fact, when you download printer driver is the easiest part. After you download it, you need to install it, right? So, make sure that you follow these steps correctly if you want the printer driver installed successfully. Turn on your PC and follow the steps. Your printer actually came with the instructions for the installation steps. Those steps are:

  1. Click Windows or Start and choose Control Panel.
  2. You will the Printer and Faxes icon, click it.
  3. There will be Add Printer option. Click it so you can start the installation process.
  4. There will be a pop-up screen of wizard installation.
  5. Follow the instruction or you just simply click Next.
  6. There will be two options which are Local printer or Network printer, you need to choose the Local one by clicking Next.
  7. You need to select the port for your printer if it is attach to your PC. Click the right port for your printer.
  8. Check if the printer is working or not by printing a file.
  9. If the printer can print file, it means that the installation process is done.

That’s how you download printer driver and install it.

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Recommended Treatment for Your Gaming Laptop


Recently, a lot of people love to play a game using a laptop. Because it is simpler than using a PC. There are so many types of the best gaming laptop for under 1500. Time passed by, the need of using a gaming laptop is increasing. Therefore, so many laptop producers are creating their newest version of a gaming laptop. However, a lot of people don’t know how to take care of their gaming laptop.

In the case, so many complaints come from the owner of the laptop. They usually complain about lag and hang, or some of the hardware such as a keyboard, mousepad, hard disk, and battery. It is true if the electronic things will get several problems if you use it over time. But, if you use it in a good way or you can take care of them, those things would not happen.

How to Treat Your Laptop for Years

So, there are several tips for you for your best gaming laptop for under 1500 to get a strong durability even you use it over time.

  1. Use A Good Cooling System

Choose a laptop which has a good cooling system. If you don’t know how to choose a good laptop. You can see the price. Usually, a laptop priced a little bit expensive has a good cooling system. Another way is by buying a cooling hardware separately. This will help you to cool your laptop down.

  1. Use It Gently

In operating your laptop, you have to know well about how not to harm it because of your habit. For the simplest example, don’t use your laptop on the bed. It will cover your laptop’s ventilation so it causes a high temperature of the laptop.

  1. Treat Your Laptop Each Year

Actually, electronics need a routine treatment to check the internal condition. At least for a laptop, you need to bring it to service center once in a year to clean the dust, check VGA and processor, and check the software, so your will be healthy.

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Stream Video Through Mobdroapp


Video streaming is one of the activities that people do on the internet. People prefer online streaming simply because they can freely choose what program that they want. It can be films, reality shows, or specific television programs. A problem occurs for those online streamers when they need to download or watch any video on the internet.

The websites provided on the internet is too many. Mostly, they only offer the same thing and have the same limitation which is cannot really fulfill what the viewers need. As an example, there are too many advertisements in a page, or the episode or the series we want to watch is not full. It is a very inconvenience for online streamers. Recently, the streamers found that one website which may fulfill their needs is mobdro app ( So, this is why you need to move to the mobdro app.

The Benefit Of Using Mobdroapp

  1. There are a great number of the video you may find on this website
  2. You can find many interesting topics, news, channels, or any video you want to watch all around the world. Those videos also provided in various languages. The viewers will get more experience exploring this website.
  3. Easy-to-share video
  4. com will help you to arrange many good and trending videos on the home page according to the viewer’s interest. After you get the video, you can freely share all videos with your friends by only one click.
  5. Bookmark video you like

Whenever you browse the video and find that it is interesting but you have no time to watch it at a moment, you only need to bookmark it. By doing this way, you may open the video in other time you like. It is very useful for you who browse video a lot. That is why you may start to open

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Tips to Find Best Job Vacancies in Malaysia


Are you living in Malaysia and want to know some information about job vacancy in Malaysia? Actually, all around the world, information about an available job for job seekers are available in great numbers. The only thing you can do is have good motivation to look for information about those vacancies so that you will get better chance to get the job.

How to Find the Best Job Vacancies in Malaysia

If you want to get the best job vacancy in Malaysia, of course, you have to put your motivation at the highest level. Many people out there are the same with you, they look for the job vacancy and put their best to apply for the position they want. So, you can try the following tips to get the job vacancy with the best position in Malaysia.

  • Choose the Company

Sometimes, we do not need to wait for finding any information about job vacancies coincidentally. The example that we can do is looking for the information about the company that has the same major with you. Send your application email or some documents that might be required, and then wait until you get called by the company.

  • Look for Information in Newspaper

Actually, this is something that many people do since about long time ago. Of course, you can find any job vacancy from the newspaper. However, it does not give you any guarantee that the job is kind of job that you want. Yet, that is good to try every kind of job, as long as it is a good job.

  • Visit a Job Fair

In your city, you might find many job fair events. In the job fair, it becomes the source where you can meet the representative of many companies. The representatives also give you chance to let them know about your CV and some information that might be available with their requirements.

Those tips will help you to find a job vacancy in Malaysia. So, follow these tips and good luck!

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Calories In A Banana


Banana is one of the fruits which has many fans. Beside this fruit is good for health, it is also delicious. Banana contains a great number nutrition which is good for your health. Therefore, athletes and people on diet love to consume banana because it has balanced calories. A balanced calorie is very good because it helps your performance in a daily activity. For numerous information about how good is a banana, we can find it on bananavitamins.

Calories We Can Find In A Banana

In many parts of the world, we can find there are many kinds of banana. Actually, they have different contents of calories in it, but experts agreed that how many calories we can find in a banana depends on the size of the banana itself. The bigger its size, the more calories you may find in it.

In the small size, banana (6 to 7 inch) can contain around 72 up to 90 calories. In average size (7 to 8 inch), it has around 90 to 105 calories. Meanwhile, for big size banana (more than 8 inches), it has 105 up to 135 calories. So, the range of calories in a banana should be around 72 to 135 calories.  In this case, we can generalize that an average banana contains around 100 calories each.

By this fact, a banana is not only good for your energy but also it is good for your immune system. By consuming a banana, you will not be easy to get sick. Also stated in, a banana is a good fruit for athletes and people who are on a diet.

Consuming banana is a thing now if you think that eat a portion of rice, bread, or noodle is too much for you in the morning or evening, just try to eat a Banana.

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How To Deal With Seasonal Affective Disorder


There are more people become feel tired, less spirit, and more depressed whenever autumn and winter comes. It is called as Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. This depression happened because they receive less sunlight. The cold wind and cold temperature not just make them feel sad or tired but also depressed. If you feel blue whenever autumn and winter are coming, you need to do this thing

How To Beat The Blue?

The key to beat the blue is by maintaining your daily routine. We know that SAD sufferer might feel too sad or too tired to start their day. But you must maintain your daily routine. It is the most helpful thing to make your day brighter even though the day is cold. Don’t abandon your favorite activities or hobbies just because the day wants you to just hibernate at home. You will feel better if you keep working, reading your favorite book, and chilling with your friends.

Although it is autumn or winter, there is still sunlight in the morning. You need to get up from the bed and go outside to get natural sunlight in the morning. If this is too hard for you, need to wake up early and open all the curtains in your home so sunlight can enter your home as many as possible. Sunlight will give you vitamin D and it can boost your happy hormone and lower your stress hormone.

Cut out the sugar can be your next thing to do. Sugar is not healthy for your body as well as your mental health. There is a study shown that if people eat too much sugar, the risk of depression will become higher. People who have anxiety will also affect sugar too. You need to eat more fiber and protein.

Although this depression is temporary you need to do these things above whenever SAD attack you.

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Let’s Create Your First Comic


Recently, reading a comic become a popular hobby for several people. In the comics, you can see a lot of interesting stories and mostly fictions. Besides buying so many series of comics, you can read comics online. The money you spent to buy comics is not cheap. It is better if you read it from the website you like.

There are several people who are addicted to reading comics. If you are one of them, you will think that if you create a comic, it will be so satisfying. Creating a comic is quite easy, but you must have a great imagination to order a whole story on it. There are several simple tips for you who want to create a comic on your own.

Basics Of Making A Comic

If you want your creation to become an object for people who read comics online, follow the tips below to create your own comic.

Set an interesting concept of your story. In this step, find your themes or issues that you know well. You don’t have to tell your own story in the comic, but you have to know well what stories you want to tell. First, make a premise from the story, then make some synopsis point of them.

Create several characters. At least you have three characters to support the story. The characters divided into three types, black char, grey char, and white char. It means, black becomes an antagonist, grey becomes whether antagonist or protagonist, white becomes the protagonist.

Making some drafts of the comic is important. Draw several types of story draft for your comic. Choose the best one from them, then draw the full version with color and shading. If you are in Asia, the best type of comic is anime.

Now, let’s create your own comics then post it on a website. It will be such a pride if your comic becomes an object for people who read comics online.

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