Step By Step To Treat Nosebleed


Nosebleed is one of the symptoms of a various health problem. However, nosebleed also can be appeared without any medical problem. A nosebleed can be treated and it is not kind of dangerous symptoms. Some people still take the wrong action for nosebleed condition. In fact, there is some difference condition when they have to be treated at home and when they have to see the doctor. Here are more tips and explanation on how to treat nosebleed as the first aid.

Steps To Treat The Nosebleed

Actually, a nosebleed can be stopped easily. Here are the first aids that can be done to treat the nosebleed:

  • You have to sit up right and going lean forward, so the blood pressure on the nose’s vein will not be increased. Moreover, this way is effective to reduce you swallow the blood which and can irritate the stomach
  • Just pinch into your nose with your index and thumb to make your nostril shut. You can breathe through your mouth while you are pinching your nose for 10 to 15 minutes
  • Don’t ever dare to pick your nose to avoid re-bleeding. You can apply petroleum jelly on a cotton swab to your nose

The Time That You Need Emergency Care

When have I got the emergency care? If the bleeding does not want to stop more than 30 minutes and you feel lightheaded or faint, so you can seek emergency care. Moreover, if the nosebleed caused by accident so that emergency care is highly needed.

The Time When You Need To Contact The Doctor

Do I need a doctor? Actually, you do not need to see a doctor as long as there are no emergency care needs and it can be cured as its own. You can see the doctor if your experience it frequently since there might be some problem with your body to be checked.