Terrifying Mission Of Hello Neighbor Game


Dynamic Pixels worked together with an indie publisher tinyBuild to produce an adventure game. They are coming with a chilling stealth game named Hello Neighbor. The hello neighbor alpha 1 free download is the following creation after Punch Club and Clustertruck. The game is promoted to be attractive and fun. The story looks similar to Rear Window movie with some adapted plot.

Get To Know About Your Character In The Game

In the game, you will play the certain character as a common citizen in a creepy neighborhood. It happens that you have a suspicious neighbor who lives just in the next door. He behaves very weird and seems to be very mysterious. You will suspect that your neighbor is hiding something inside the house.

Hello neighbor alpha 1 free download raise your suspicion and curiosity. It leads you to look further into the house. The problem raises here as the neighbor would likely stay at home all the time. He never once leaves the house. Therefore, you must find a way to sneak into his house and reveal the mystery without being discovered.

The Character Of Your Opponent

Your rival, the neighbor, will not let anyone including you to step on his yard and even come close the house.  If he finds you sneaking into the house, you will be hunted relentlessly. The character of the neighbor is somehow unique and clever.

The developer has designed an advanced AI that will identify and learn quickly your behavior and habit. Such technology allows the character of neighbor to counter-attack you easily. When you are trying to go through the front door too many times, he will install a camera to monitor you. Even if you find a way to escape after you are discovered, he can predict your escape routes and block the way. Hello neighbor alpha 1 free download is more terrifying than you expect.