The Uniqueness Of Wicker Furniture


Who does not know wicker furniture? It is furniture which is made of woven material. It is an alternative to common wooden furniture. The manufacturers of wicker furniture Indonesia commonly use the natural material. They make wickerwork out of rattan, bamboo and even abaca. Each material has its own uniqueness and characteristic. In Indonesia, many furniture producers create their product using rattan as it has many special qualities compare to others.

What Makes Rattan Better Than Wood

As we know there are many types of furniture made of various kinds of wood. Wicker furniture Indonesia, in another hand, is commonly made of rattan. If we compare it to the wooden one, we can see quite a lot of differences. It clearly differs in terms of mass, durability, and cost.

  1. Lighter

First of all, rattan is way lighter than wood. As a result, any furniture made of rattan is also lighter. It gives many benefits as it can be made into any kind of removable items such as a basket, bag, even baby carrycot. Besides, it allows you to move and redecorate your room easily if you use wicker furniture. Because of its light mass, it affects the shipping costs as well.

  1. Last Longer

Second of all, in terms of durability, rattan performs better than wood. Wooden furniture tends to change in color and shape when it is placed outdoor. Certain kind of wood is likely to break easily than rattan. However, the only threat of rattan is easily exposed to powder flea. With certain treatment during the production, it can be minimalized and rattan furniture can last longer than wood.

  1. Cheaper

Lastly, rattan wicker furniture Indonesia is way cheaper than wood furniture. The price of one high-quality wooden furniture can afford more than one rattan furniture with the same quality. Therefore, purchasing rattan furniture cost less than a wooden one.