Traveling To Pulo Cinta


Traveling to Indonesia can be your game changer in traveling world. As we know that Indonesia has a lot of beautiful places that worth to visit. On this post, we will recommend you a beautiful place that you need to visit before you die. This place is Pulo Cinta or Love Island. This island is claimed as Indonesian version of Maldives. This tropical resort is located in Gorontalo.

Particularly located in Gulf of Tomini, the name Pulo Cinta is based on the shape of this island which is like a heart if you view it from the sky. How to get there? If your starting point is from Jakarta, then you will have a trip by plane to Jalaluddin Airport which is Gorontalo international airport in Sulawesi. You will fly for around 3 hours.

Traveling To Indonesia’s Best Island, Pulo Cinta

Traveling to Indonesia, Gorontalo can be done with many flights. There are over 30 flights to Gorontalo every day. so you don’t have to worry about the flight. Once you arrived in Gorontalo, you will go to Boalemo Regency for around two-hour by car. You will pass many small towns and villages of Gorontalo so you can enjoy the beautiful scenery there and breathe the fresh air. You will go to the harbor in the regency to go to Pulo Cinta.

The boat trip is around 30 minutes. You will sleep in the resort. It is like the Maldives which the villas are all built above the water. The villas surround the island and make a heart shape. Pulo Cinta has 3 types of villas that you can choose. The facilities are great such like spacious are, fresh water, LED TV, free Wi-Fi, and more. Pulo Cinta is the perfect choice for a honeymoon. But you can also spend your days by traveling to Indonesia and enjoy the perfect view in Pulo Cinta with your friends or family.