What To Know About Angry Birds 2


With the recent sequel of Angry Birds which is Angry Birds 2, the developer brings the game to another level. There are many differenced and features in the second game. And the game is proven to be a well-developed game. Unlike, the previous game where you can retry levels or you can fail levels in so many times without consequence, in this sequel you need to play carefully. On this game, the player has a limit amount of the lives allowed. So, the player should have one life minimum if you want to play the game.

What’s New In Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2 starts the game with five lives only. One life will be deleted if you fail to unlock each level. However, the player will get a special offer when you can have six lives. Every 30 minutes, the player can get one life. However, you can purchase many additional lives as you want. If you play at the first levels, you can’t lose a life as long as you don’t launch any birds. You can check how many lives left on the top right of the screen. You will also see campaign map there. The new version of the game also has a new home screen design.

The developer uses a new layout features which include the bird cards, the arena, the campaign, and the challenge. As for the bottom screen, you can check the chest, tower, and daily quest icon. There is also a new feature named Star Rank. This feature will accumulate the stars so the player can level up their rank. You can earn the starts by campaigning levels or The Nest. The Star Rank feature is located next to home screen which is on the top left. The modes of Angry Birds 2 are varied. You can download the game only on http://angrybirds2gme.com.