You Can’t Grow Up Without These Teen Movies!


We know that being a teenager is hard and suffering. That’s why every year there will always be many amazing coming of age or teen movie. If you have Mobdro apk on your Android device, you can watch many popular teen movies that will help you grow up and get through this puberty phase in your life.

Best Teen Movies on Mobdro Apk

Teen movies are interesting and relatable to us. So, that’s why we will give you a list of our favorite teen movies that you need to watch.

  1. Mean Girls (2004)

If you belong to X generation which is this generation, you need to watch this old movie. Mean Girls will always be relatable to every generation. Even though this movie was released in 2014 and when Lindsay Lohan still at the top of her career. This classic movie has so many famous dialogues and Regina George will always be our spirit animal when it comes to mean girls. We can say that every school will always have its mean girls.

  1. The Breakfast Club (1985)

Another classic movie that claimed as the best teen movie among critics can be watched on Mobdro apk. If you pay attention to the movie, the characters in this movie are in detention and those people are from different background. You will know how this movie explores many issues of life, love, philosophy, family, and more things that are relatable to us.

  1. “13 GOING ON 30” (2004)

This movie about a 13-year-old unpopular girl who has a dream to escape her teenage years quickly. One day, she wakes up in her 30-yerar-old version and the best thing about that is she now become an editor. This movie represents many teenagers who want to become adult but they don’t realize that being an adult is as hard as being a teenager.

Enjoy these movies only on Mobdro apk.